North West England

North West England

Citizen weapons inspectors visit Manchester factory

Target Brimar campaign press release
Monday 5th October 08:00
- for immediate release

Citizen Weapons Inspectors visit Manchester Factory

Target Brimar: against the military-industrial complex

Brimar is a Manchester-based company which makes components which form a vital part of the Apache helicopters used by the Israeli military in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, by the US Marines in Iraq and by British and US militaries in Afghanistan.

Nuclear New Build Blessed by Bishop of Cumbria

The Bishop of Carlisle ( which includes all of Cumbria) has given his blessing to the "green future" of nuclear new build.

We will be in Carlisle on 10th Oct to witness his inauguration at the Cathedral and make clear that nuclear is as far away from a green future as it is possible to get.

Remember the story of Turning the tables over in the Temple at defunct moral compass ?

Latest EF! Action Update bursts forth

Car tyres deflate in the night, diggers halted in their tracks, buildings and MPs covered in slime...airports plagued by crazy golf, picnics, city gents and and other autonomous spaces sprout, as others are under threat...tree-sits, banks evicted, fake phone-masts and whaling ships must be time for another Earth First! Action Update, bringing you a concentrated quarterly blast of inspiration and contacts to get out there and take direct action against the bastards threatening this planet and its inhabitants.

News from the front-lines - permanent protest camps old and new, and temporary gatherings in a field near you, all the dates and info you need for a summer of blistering action and torrential outpourings!

Successes here, across the pond and round the very other side of the world.

Activists strike at Chorlton Tesco, Manchester

Manchester residents concerned about the presence of a Tesco store in Chorlton covered the shop in a hard hitting message to locals and the company late last night. They sprayed “Tesco is a virus” and “Tesco destroys places” in large letters across the front of the business.

World Naked Bike Rides UK (& Manchester Critical Mass)


In Brighton, organisers of the seven-mile ride were warned by Sussex Police last month that participants could face prosecution if officers received complaints about the nudity.

But, after advice from civil liberties group Liberty, cyclists entered discussions with local police chiefs and resolved the impasse.

second recent spate of Manchester 4x4s deflated

May 13, 2009
Probe into Manchester attacks on 4x4s
POLICE are hunting a radical environmental activist after a series of attacks on gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicles.

Each of the vehicles, also known as Chelsea Tractors, either had their tyres slashed or let down.

And on every vehicle, all damaged in areas of south Manchester, a note was left saying they had been targeted because 'they contribute to climate change'.

Fossil Fools Day 2009, 1st April - actions & resources

FFD is only five weeks away! We know of various affinity group actions around the UK but thought we'd upload some inspirational public actions you can get involved with on the April 1st and some resources to help inspire you to take action in you local area.


12 Noon



1. ARTIVISM, Smash EDO's week of anti-war creativity - Brighton – 24.02.09-01.03.09
2. Climate Rush – London and Manchester – 26.02.09
3. Camp for Climate Action Gathering – Nottingham – 7-8.03.09

Photographers turn out in solidarity against new "terror law".

Reposted: 16.02.2009: everyone knows Indymedia's a copper's favourite read, but after a couple of hundred snappers turned up outside the yard this morning they'll be queuing up today to see whose mug's on the wire.