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EarthFirst! gathering workshop call & travel info

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at the Earth First! Summer Gathering
Ecological Direct Action without Compromise
27 Aug - 1 Sept 2008, Norfolk

Get in touch if you or your campaign/group/network would like to run a workshop or session at the gathering, especially if you can offer workshops on action training, direct action campaigns, ecology, ecological restoration and sustainable living.

Email us on summergathering _ AT _ or ring 01524 383012

Deadline 12 August!

We've already got lots of workshops confirmed. Join us for:

Phones and privacy at the camp for climate action.

Traditionally it has been the content of communication that has been the focus of government surveillance but the police are increasingly interested in data mining techniques to uncover patterns of association. Simple data, when stored, aggregated and analyzed using sophisticated computer algorithms, contains far more information than is commonly appreciated.

Save the Woodhead Tunnel demo

This year we have a unique opportunity to re-open the Woodhead rail line.

Join the Save the Woodhead Tunnel Campaign in demanding the Government hold to their promises on sustainable transport and climate change and re-open this historic and important line.

Climate Camp Bike Ride

People will be riding to the climate camp, starting from Glasgow, descending southerly picking up thousands en route.

The final leg, London to Kingsnorth is on sunday 3 August meeting under Waterloo bridge (southside) at 9am
For more info on the route and how to get involved e-mail
Up the the velorution.

London, Brighton & Manchester Critical Masses commemorate dead cyclists

London CM June 08 stopsJune's Critical mass in London saw a slightly different route. As always we met at Southbank and managed to leave at 7.15pm.

Manchester & London Critical Masses this Friday + South London

It's CRITICAL MASS this ace is that?

Friday 27th June 6pm
Central Library Manchester

Manchester Critical MassAfterwards we'll have a BBQ and hang out a park, so bring BBQ's, food, music, drinks etc. (vegan BBQs preferred as then it can be accessible to everyone!)

Reclaim Hulme Park - every Friday - Manchester

Hulme Park reclaimed 1Hulme Park reclaimed 2Local residents reclaimed Hulme Park in Manchester on Friday for an hour by closing down the road that runs through it.

World Naked Bike Ride UK

World Naked Bike Ride logoA peaceful, imaginative and fun protest against oil dependency and car culture. A celebration of the bicycle and also a celebration of the power and individuality of the human body. A symbol of the vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic.

3rd June Food & Climate Change Day of Action - more actions, in Nottingham, London x3, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool & Amsterdam

Actions co-inciding with the UN Conference on World Food Security and Climate Change got off to an early start, with Sunday seeing the first of an outbreak of vegan food give-aways, in Manchester, with a spot of guerrilla gardening; the rash spread on Monday with GM labs occupied. The Ready Steady Skip website tried to soothe, but on the day, the action contagion spread...

Free Food Event and Guerrilla Gardening to herald Food & Climate Change day of action

Free food climate day Piccadilly Gardens 1Free food climate day Piccadilly Gardens 2Free food climate day Piccadilly Gardens 3FREE VEGAN FOOD EVENT!
On Sunday 1st Manchester Animal Protection and Manchester Climate Action held a free vegan picnic in Piccadilly gardens..

We gave away lots of delicious food, and seedlings, including aubergine plants and peppers! Much of the food was donated, some of it was skipped. We hung banners and had placards...


Food not Bombs for Food & Climate action dayWithin the past year, global food prices have risen by 75%. Prices of wheat, soya, oilseeds, maize and rice are now at record levels. The World Bank has warned that 100 million more people are facing hunger and malnutrition because of rising food prices.