North West England

North West England

1st April - Manchester Fossil Fools Parade! / London Protest circus for a coal Fossil Fool / Notts / Leamington Spa

Jester with spannerWe've all been fossil fooled and now...the Climate Circus is coming to Manchester....
Join the Fossil Fools Parade on April 1st
and take part in fun and games with some of our best known local Fossil Fools!

That's right this event is all about congratulating our sponsors

5 years of war! Stop the Nanotech and Biotech War Profiteers!

Click here to join the action, join us on March 19th, 2008.

This Nano-Virtual-Sit-In is being performed on the 5th anniversary of the war on Iraq. We have chosen biotech and nanotech corporations and organizations as our targets, because their science is driven by the war and drives the war.

Spirit of Freedom (March 2008) - Earth Liberation Prisoners

Prisoner Solidarity 9Spirit of Freedom
(March 2008)
Produced by

"The whole experience has been tough, but all the kind and strengthening
words and wise thoughts from strangers made it much easier!"
(Former Swedish Animal Rights Prisoner)

New groups & contacts/support setting up a group

At the recent EF! Winter Moot, eight new EF! groups & contacts for rock-on ecological direct action were formed, with others just finally getting an email address. Some have addresses already - click on their name if linked for those details & perhaps more info...

Leeds street medic training, 28th-30th March

The UK Action Medics are running a 2 1/2 day street medic training in Leeds at the end of this month. This is a 20 hour course that will teach you the basics of general First Aid, as well as skills to deal with medical situations specific to direct action, such as dealing with chemical weapons and the police. The course will involve scenarios and hands-on practice and, although we cannot offer you any official accreditation, the 2 1/2 day training is the minimum standard for membership of the Action Medics, and will equip you for a wide range of situations, from hypothermia to baton wounds.

International Anti Nuclear Festival

Invitation to join International Anti Nuclear Festival –
– FINLAND - Midsummer - June 2008 -

Due to the increasing nuclear threat developing in Finland and indeed globally, a coalition has formed to promote discussion, networking, education, skill development, and action for international civil society to oppose and resist nuclear power developments.

Lancaster 'First' Carnival Of Culture 2008

Carnival of Culture"The Carnival of Culture is a celebration of all that’s good and distinctive about Lancaster and a protest against the corporate takeover of our city by Centros Miller and other developers, against the wishes of the community.



Mass Action: Refuse to Pay on trains to London, 20 April

A mass climate action is taking place on Sunday 20th April in London. People will board trains into central London, refusing to pay the high prices. There will be a convergence in the central London terminals at around 1pm. The action aims to highlight how the current public transport prices are unaffordable and must be radically lowered if we are to get people out of their carbon intensive cars.

squatting news - London, Leeds & Manchester - updated

Second court reprieve for RAMpart2
The squat opened as a backup venue to the rampART social centre in east london today enjoyed it's second courtroom reprieve. Twice now it has been served with an application for a Interim Possession Order. The first time the claimants failed to turn up at the hearing and today they admitted that they had failed to correctly serve notice on the defendants so it was thrown out of court. The owners will be apply for the third time and the papers are expected to be served sometime Tuesday with a court date probably sometime next week (although it could be earlier if there is an available time slot at the court).

How to Fitwatch

Fitwatch meeting - Saturday 8th March at the LSE (Connaught House, Aldwych) at 2pm. Room H103.

Fitwatch has proved to be a highly effective tactic against surveillance by public order police.

Although really, it is better described as a range of tactics. Some are as simple as taking a picture, or making a note of police numbers. Other tactics are more confrontational and actively prevent the police accumulating the data they use for their 'preventative' public order policing. There is a tactic for everyone, and all of them are very effective.