North West England

North West England

15th October - Nationwide Day of Local Action against Royal Bank of Scotland - Truro...

RBS action day flierInspired by the Camp for Climate Action? Don't wait till next year to take part in collective direct action against the causes of climate change. At this year’s Camp, the Rising Tide network called a Day of Local Action against RBS, major backer of the aviation industry, key funder of the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline currently tearing up the Welsh

Grand Opening Week At Liverpool's Next To Nowhere - 15th-23rd

Next to Nowhere social centre openingNext to Nowhere social centre logoWe open with a week of events from 15th September to 23rd September (flyer), and from then on will be available to book for meetings and events. If you have a meeting or event that you would like to put on why not book the centre?

next Manchester critical mass 31st august

next critical mass is on friday 31st august (thats the weekend AFTER bank holiday) meet as usual at 6pm outside central library.

The ride will finish at the contact theatre where the all new, all female, all bike loving, bicycle dance troupe THE SPOKES will perform their new routine for the first time in public EVER!!!

Critical Mass - Glossop - Fri 14th Sept 2007

Critical Mass graphic 10We're staging a Critical Mass bike ride on 14th September 2007, to celebrate Car Free Day and to demonstrate that bikes and people should be catered for on our roads, not just cars and traffic.

We'll be setting off from Glossop rain station at 5.30pm and will be riding out to Swallow's Wood near Tintwistle where we'll stop at a local pub. The wood is threatened by a new bypass they are planning to build between Mottram and Tintwistle.

Tree protest in Manchester

Manchester tree protestProtest saves tree - for now - 31/ 7/2007

A BATTLE by residents to save a copper beech from the axe has won a temporary reprieve for the 100-year-old tree. The 65ft giant, on Mayfield Road in Whalley Range, was due to be felled after a firm that owns a nearby house claimed its roots are damaging foundations.

But residents on their way to work staged a spontaneous protest by climbing into the branches. They have vowed to climb the tree every morning until they see evidence that its roots are causing damage.

Out Now! Toolkit for Climate Action

Network for Climate Action logoJust in time for the 2007 Climate Camp - the Toolkit for Climate Action is now ready. With this toolkit we hope to inspire you to take action - at home, at school, at work, in your community. The toolkit has been put together by the Network for Climate Action, which is has grown out of and is associated with the Climate Camp.

First Directions to The Camp for Climate Action 2007.....

The camp dates are drawing nearer and nearer and we're all desperate to know where it will be... but we'll just have to wait a little longer!

But what we do know is that if you get yourself to Staines railway station in West London by 10am on Tuesday 14th August, you will be greeted by our friendly welcome team and promptly transported via a magical mystery tour, to the camp! (There will also be lifts to the camp later in the day and throughout the week.)

critical masses (reports from end June/beginning July 2007)

Manchester:Ace mass on friday woo! despite all the students being away for the summer there was still an ace turnout of around 30-40 people.nice. and a few stayed for a nice bbq in the park which was real lovely.

Miffed by Miffy

Rabbit at G8
Rabbit No Patents on Life
Rabbit under fence
Miffy on the Beach EF!SG 2006
EF! summer gathering 2007 logo
EF! gathering Miffy
Rabbit with spade
Rabbits in tent
Rabbit with wrenchEF! gathering '07 logo (rabbit/fence)
Rabbit Direct Action Reports

I don't know how it came about but the Miffy rabbit character has for a long time been associated with the Earth First! movement and radical ecological direct action. But do the creators and copyright owners of the character know or approve of Miffy's political activities?...

manchester bike stuff this weekend - critical mass, bike polo, summer party, critical commute, climate carnival

Manchester Critical Mass June '07 flierWe cycle round the city to celebrate the bicycle:

It's for anyone that rides a bike;
Its a celebration of getting round the city without polluting it;
Its about every journey being an adventure instead of just sitting on a boring bus or in a stressful car;
Its about cyclists riding together to demand more respect from other road users;
Its a way to meet other cyclistas;

Ramona Africa - ON A MOVE tour of UK

Ramona Africa is touring the UK speaking about the incredible story of MOVE. MOVE are a largely black eco-revolutionary group based in Philadelphia. They have campaigned on environmental, animal rights and anti-police repression issues for thirty years. They have never backed down in the face of overt racist police repression.

More info:

Greenpeace gives away free train tickets at airports across the UK

Climate ticket exchange @ airport19 June 2007.

UPDATE (9.25am): The booths have now all been moved by security.

Over the past hour or so, impromptu ticket exchange booths have been appearing in airports across the UK.

Thousands strip off for London's Naked Bike Ride + Manchester video + Brighton + York

London 07 World Naked Bike RideIn 2004 there were 58 riders, in 2005 a creditable 250 riders, rising to a massive 800 in 2006.