North West England

North West England

Manchester anti-nuke demo report (& video)

On Saturday 29th March, the 20th aniversary of Chernobyl was commemorated with a procession through the city centre to Cross St Chapel, where talks about nuclear power were held.

Demonstrators wore all black and held letters spelling out 'remember Chernobyl'. An autonomous bloc left the main procession and went into shops with banners against nuclear power and climate change. They were quickly ejected from the Arndale Centre, although when the security staff thought the protestors had left, they were spotted reading their leaflets about nuclear power and the upcoming climate camp.

Chaos Mass: Mayday weekend in Manchester starts with bike ride


Mayday celebrations in Manchester began yesterday (Friday) with a Critical Mass. Numbers of cyclists had almost doubled from previous months.

Yet, the Mass alos turned out to be more chaotic than usual. 40-50 cyclists could not agree on how fast to go, whether to stop at red lights etc. In the beginning the tail of the ride got lost several times.

Saving Iceland gathering 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk


It's time to organise the 2006 camp!

The next Saving Iceland gathering will take place over the weekend of the 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk, UK . It'll be a great time to find out more and to meet some of the (lovely) people involved with the campaign, as well as to help discuss what this Summer's protest camp will look like.

Manchester Mayday weekend: anti-nuclear demo

Bart Smash Dalton

Commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl and join our opposition to a new nuclear generation.

Meet at The Basement, 24 Lever St, 11.45am Sat. 29th April WEAR BLACK. Procession arrives at Cross St Chapel 12.45pm

Close Down Styal Prison! 8th April demo

Close Styal Prison demo flier

Demo - Styal Prison 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Demonstration opposing the plans to expand Styal Prison to make it the largest women's prison and calling for its closure.

Next Climate Camp Gathering 8-9th April

The next climate camp gathering is happening in Leeds in 2 weeks. It is an ideal opportunity to get involved in organising this exciting camp. Please email us if you are interested in going from Notts as we might be able to sort some transport.

Planning Mayday in Manchester

Manc Mayday 06 poster

People in Manchester are working towards a Mayday weekend full of fun and action. It all kicked off with an AMAZING Mayday fundraiser squat party on Saturday. To find out more and to get involved, come down to the Basement on Monday 27th March, 7pm.

NUCLEAR POWER? NO WAY Demo and Campaigning day 29th April

No Way Nukes Day leaflet

Nuclear Power? No Way?
A Campaigning day in Manchester on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
Commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl and join our opposition to a new nuclear generation.

guerilla gardeners reclaim land to grow food in Manchester

Manchester guerrilla gardening 1
Manchester guerrilla gardening 2

we found a nice spot of disused land by princess parkway, next to some billboards (which we hoped the garden would detract attention away from) and cleared bags and bags of rubbish. Then we set to work planting trees, herbs, flowers and plants. It was mucho fun.

Solidarity Demo at New Court Case of Lancaster Uni Protesters (George Fox 6)

George Fox 6


Join the Demo. March 13th 2006, Lancaster Crown Court (behind the Castle).

The 'George Fox Six' are the six student protesters taken to court by the bosses of Lancaster University. They had been protesting against unethical corporations, including weapons manufacturers & oil companies, hijaking the University. The original trial convicted them. Now they are appealing...

Manchester: Successful Critical Mass dispersed by police

Manc Feb Critical Mass busted 2
Manc Feb Critical Mass busted 1

A successful Critical Mass in Manchester was eventually stopped and dispersed by the police last Friday.