North West England

North West England

Social centres gathering in Leeds, 29 Jan


*Social centres and autonomous spaces in the UK: where next after Gleneagles?*

A call out to all social centre activists and interested people in the UK

Sunday 29 January
The Common Place social centre

critical mass manchester bike film and food nights

Critical Mass Mcr January 06 flier

Critical Mass: last friday of the month 6pm at central library
the cm will then go to watch bike moooveees and eat nice vegan grub

Camp for Climate Action announced - dates, website, working groups & January meeting

Stop Climate Chaos

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

first anti-M6 expressway protest

No M6 expansion GAME logo

M6 widening / M6 Expressway (Staffordshire / Cheshire)

The first direct action protest against the 51 mile M6 expansion happened on 13 Jan with a protest about exclusion from the consultations.

No M66 10 years on

It will be ten years from the first eviction of the No M66 Campaign in February 2006. There will be an exhibition about the No M66 Campaign, From wednesday 22nd february to sun 20th march at the basement social center, lever street, Manchester.

last critical mass of the year in manchester - next, 27th January

so it started raining and got real dark but we sett off just after 6pm from central library, accompanied by the soundsystem to make our jolly way around the city for a bke ride of chit chat and fun..

Bankfield House occupation continues, Liverpool

Bankfield 2

Dec 23 2005

We're staying in our community

ANGRY campaigners are refusing to leave the closed community centre Bankfield House.

Protesters were ordered out two weeks ago by Church of England bosses and told to hand over keys to the building.

it was beautiful..

You can’t buy beauty.

beauty 1

We wanted to do a positive action, one that made people think without making them feel bad about themselves or angry towards us for blaming them. So instead of just sabotaging L’Oreal or telling people what was bad about them we decided to make people feel good without the use of makeovers or L’Oreal’s unethical and harmful products.

alternative energy, films and a poet - Manchester

Get Clued Up Energy

In January saturday club will be focussing on Energy- practical alternatives and the problems with the energy sources we currently use. It will all kick off

Human roadblock in protest against Liverpool special needs school closures


Parents and activists held up traffic this morning in protest against the proposed closure of schools for children with special needs.

It was to be Councillor Warren Bradley's first executive meeting as leader of Liverpool Council, but proceedings were disrupted by the five minute action outside Liverpool Town Hall on Castle Street.

Church tries (& fails) to chuck out Bankfield occupiers, Liverpool

Bankfield 1

Dec 2 2005

'Sit-in 'fails' to save community centre'

A 10-WEEK sit-in to save a Liverpool community centre has failed after the Church of England ordered campaigners out within the week.

Buy Nothing Day 2005 - Leeds, Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol, Glasgow, Oxford, Manchester, London

Brum buy nothing day shit

Saturday November 26th 2005 was Buy Nothing Day (UK), the self proclaimed festival of frugal living and culture jammers jamboree. A day to expose the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism, where developed countries (only 20% of the world population) are consuming over 80% of the earth's natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage and unfair distribution of wealth.

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

The 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.


defy id santas

Sunday 20th November 2005 6pm Liverpool City Centre – Christmas Light switch on.
The Santa twins from Liverpool Defy-ID showed their banner and gave out anti-ID leaflets to the public watching the switch on of Liverpool’s Christmas lights. While walking through town the Santa twins were regularly stopped by parents and kiddies asking to speak to the Santa twins.

Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour dates

Here is a list of the dates and venues for the Rossport solidarity speaking tour

Thursday November 3rd 7.30pm the Basement, 24 Lever
Street, hosted by the Anarchist Federation.