New protest camp at Rolls Royce Rayensway, Derby

Protesters opposed to Trident nuclear submarines have set up a camp across the road from Rolls Royce on the Rayensway in Derby

Abseil blockade of nuclear waste train in Germany

An abseiling 27-year-old female activist from France held up a train carrying over 1000 tonnes of 'depleted' uranium through a densely populated region of Germany for two hours on Monday 27 April, the day after the 23rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster - the world's worst ever civil nuclear accident.

Sizewell nuclear vigil report

26.4.09: Protesters gathered at a generating station in Suffolk to mark 20 years since the Chernobyl disaster have held a vigil against nuclear power.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), which organised a "peaceful" overnight protest at Sizewell said it wanted to highlight the dangers.

Sizewell Camp and Demo - 25/26th April (& solidarity call-out for anti-nuke actions on Chernobyl Day)

No to New Nuclear Power - Yes to Decentralised Energy!

If you do not think nuclear power is the answer to climate chaos come and join us in the 2 day demo and camp this weekend.

Where - Sizewell A and B, Suffolk UK.
When - 25th April
Time -12 noon

Callout for organising! Scottish Camp for Climate Action

Building a more sustainable future in four easy steps:
1. Get out your diary and find a pen
2. Open it at the pages for the 4-16 June and 3-10 August
3. Write in very large, bold lettering: CLIMATE CAMP SCOTLAND across these dates