Callout for organising! Scottish Camp for Climate Action

Building a more sustainable future in four easy steps:
1. Get out your diary and find a pen
2. Open it at the pages for the 4-16 June and 3-10 August
3. Write in very large, bold lettering: CLIMATE CAMP SCOTLAND across these dates



1. ARTIVISM, Smash EDO's week of anti-war creativity - Brighton – 24.02.09-01.03.09
2. Climate Rush – London and Manchester – 26.02.09
3. Camp for Climate Action Gathering – Nottingham – 7-8.03.09

Stop Incineration Now! SchNEWS Film and Roast Fundraiser !

Stop Incineration Now Film and Roast Fundraiser -
Just released:SchNEWS Film:Wasters:The quirky & inspiring story of a group of climate activists from Stop Incineration Now! & Climate Camp, who occupied the site of proposed Newhaven Incinerator last year, July 2008.
Also featured:The Story of Stuff.
Announcement of International Day of Action against Incineration: 11 July 2009

Castor anti-nuclear blockade finally broken & other actions

Edited direct action highlights from -

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
20 hours later than planned, after many convincing, creative blockades, the CASTOR road transport reached the Gorleben interim storage depot at 00:39 am on Tuesday 11 November

French police arrest anarchists for train sabotage + web link for more info

11th November 2008
French police raided alleged anarchist cells in three cities on Tuesday and arrested at least 10 suspects following a series of sabotage attacks on the country's high-speed rail network.

latest from Gorleben nuke transport protests (& they've not even really started!)

November 08, 2008
CASTOR-BLOCKADE WITH CONCRETE BLOCK NEAR WÖRTH: A group of young people at about 12.45 pm Saturday made the railway line unpassable for the Castor train shortly after it crossed into Germany, 500 metres north of Berg station. Three men and women fastened their arms in the massive block placed under the track sleepers. The train has been stopped for now.

More careers fair antics - Cambridge, Birmingham, Oxford - update: RBS & e.on no-shows

Make a living not a killing bannersUpdate: RBS didn't turn up to a Cambridge careers fair and e.on have given a few a miss now - keep on going folks, there'll be lots of other murderous companies coming your way...


Careering Downwards, courtesy of Cambridge University!

German anti-nuclear waste sabotage & actions this coming weekend

Anti-nuclear activists in Germany are gearing up for another transport of highly active nuclear waste to run through France and Germany from 7 to 9 November for dumping at the north German village of Gorleben. About 20,000 police will be deployed to guard the consignment against thousands of demonstrators.

Students Target Unethical Career Corporatism

BAE systems sickleE.on grim reaperOn Monday 20th October the annual AISEC Careers fair commenced at Nottingham University, featuring many organisations with despicable or at least dubious ethical credentials and social-responsibility records, inclu

EDF Exposed - LRT action

EDF greenwash guerillas20 October 2008
London Rising Tide's Greenwash Guerillas Brigade, Detection Platoon #1, moved into action this morning at 08:00 hours – targeting dirty great energy corporation Électricité de France (EDF) at the central London headquarters (HQ) of their UK subsidiary EDF Energy.