documentary: Reclaim Power - voices from the camp for climate action 2006

Climate camp view from gateIn the summer of 2006, 600 people convinced that there is no time to waste set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK. Cine Rebelde produced a documentary film about the camp.

Climate change is now a reality. Leading scientists across the world agree that in a ’business as usual scenario’ we have no longer than 10 years to prevent 2-3 degrees of additional global arming that will lead to irreversible climatic changes with dramatic consequences for our planet.

GP ship impounded during anti-Trident action

23 February: Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise impounded during floating blockade of Faslane naval base. Snippets below from GP press releases.

This morning the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise out-manoeuvred MoD ships and is now anchored across the entrance to the base. Meanwhile six smaller blocking boats have dropped off Greenpeace volunteers in canoes who are attempting to scale HMS Vigilant, one of the UK's four Vanguard nuclear weapons subs berthed at Faslane.

Anti-nuclear campaigners block UK WMD factory

Aldermaston Feb 07 blockade13.02.2007

Yesterday six people were arrested outside AWE mAldermaston during an hour+long blockade of the nuclear weapons factory. Next BtB blockade 19 March - check the website for more info. What follows is a BtB press release, issued yesterday

12th February Aldermaston Blockade: Join us

THURSDAY 8 FEBRUARY - for immediate release
With the parliamentary vote on replacing the Trident nuclear submarine fleet expected in mid-March, and a national demonstration of mass opposition called for 24 February in London, anti-nuclear campaigners will return to AWE Aldermaston on 12 February.

12 February 2007 - Fantastic February Blockade at AWE Aldermaston

Block the Builders photo montage12 February 2007
Fantastic February Blockade at AWE Aldermaston
From 7 am at Tadley gate

aldermaston shut down


A group of eight activists blockaded the entrance to AWE Aldermaston this morning at 6.45am. Using steel lock-on tubes the group have completely blocked the road. Thus stopping all construction traffic entering or leaving the site. This has called a large tailback and the police turned all traffic away from the site.

Next Aldermaston Blockade Monday 15th January

**Block the Builders return to Britain's nuclear bomb factory as Trident
>> debate heats up**

Faslane 365 builds

Faslane 365 tent
Faslane 365 academics & students

Faslane action

Wednesday morning, 7:30am. A dark road somewhere North of Glasgow. Scottish cold and rain beating in my face. I'm chained via a bike lock to Irene, veteran of the Faslane struggle. One arm disappears into a tube, at the other end of which is my mate Steve. There are seven of us, five women and two men, standing in a line stretched across the road.

21 Arrests as British Nuclear Weapon Sites Disrupted


1st report: This morning the Trident submarine base at Faslane and the atomic weapons factory at Aldermaston have both been the focus of disruption as activists blockaded entrance gates.

BIG Aldermaston Blockade on 11th December

The government will publish its white paper on the future of Britain's
> nuclear weapons on Monday 4 December 2006.
> We need to show that there is massive opposition to any new nuclear
> weapons. Block the Builders are calling a mass blockade of AWE Aldermaston

Nativity donkey arrested at Faslane North Gate

Faslane 365 Nativity scene (donkey, mary & joseph)2.12.2006

A small group of protesters at Faslane Naval base were arrested at around 18:30 for holding a nativity-themed blockade at the North Gate to the base. The group of radical Christians are currently being taken to Clydebank Police Office to be held, presumably until Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

Aldermaston 26/27th Nov - national demo against new nuclear weapon facility

28 miles from Oxford, the biggest and most powerful lasar system in the world is being built at the nuclear weapons factory, Aldermaston, at a cost of £183 million (on the scale of Heathrow's terminal 5). Greenpeace's report on 20th. Oct. exxposed the sham of the government's stance this year (May 22nd. ) when Dan Browne, Defence Secretary insisted "The Atomic Weapons Establishment is not engaged in the development of any new warheads". The Green peace report revealed testimony by US nuclear weapons scientists that the new facilities are in fact for designing and building new nuclear weapons. So much for parliamentary debate!