BIG Aldermaston Blockade

BLOCKADE ALDERMASTON 10TH JULY 2006 Resist Britain's WMD programme - Stop the next generation of nuclear weapons!

Called by Block the Builders - a nonviolent direct action campaign working to stop the development of new nuclear weapons facillities at AWE Aldermaston Corporate war profiteers and their military masters are building new nuclear weapons facilities at Britain's nuclear bomb factory.

Invite: Scottish Climate Camp meeting, 8-9 July

We'd like to invite you to the Scottish organising gathering for the Camp for Climate Action, which will take place at Talamh Housing Co-op (South Lanarkshire), Sat 8- Sun 9 July.
The meeting will be a chance for people from Scotland to come together and plan for the climate camp as well as joining in with the overall organising of the camp. We're expecting 60-80 people, from England and Scotland.

Climate Camp SouthWest, Sun 25th June

Planet Picnic in Castle Park, Bristol (next to broadmead) on Sunday 25th. Bring friends and food to forge links & have fun! Families welcome. attendance free and highly recommended, bring drums and pi

Aldermaston July Blockade

ALDERMASTON: Join us for a big blockade
Resist Britain's WMD programme - Stop the next generation of nuclear weapons!

Corporate war profiteers and their military masters are building new nuclear weapons facilities at Britain's nuclear bomb factory.

Faslane Peace Camp - End of an Era

Faslane Peace Camp, situated outside the gates of the Faslane Naval Base and its Trident nuclear submarines, has been a permanent protest camp since 1982, but is now to close down. The decision was made last weekend during the 24th birthday gathering, with closure planned for 25th birthday in June 2007. Activists reckon that the static camp is no longer the best tactic – mainly because of police surveillance and problems with residents - with plans to move towards a range of actions, some open, some not, linking up with the broader movement of other anti-authoritarian and peace groups. But the process of clearing the site, and discussing how to move forward will take the following year. The first event will be a clean-up bonfire on June 23rd, and then an ‘Independence From The Peace Camp’ weekend of clearing with discussions over the weekend of July 1-4th 2006. This will all culminate in a 25th birthday weekend gathering of tatting down and organising from June 9th 2007.

Sea-action at Faslane Fair

Faslane Sea Action

Sea Action and Helensburgh CND protested at the Faslane Fair at Helensburgh, near Faslane.

Every year the MoD take over the car park at Helensburgh with a celebration of the war machine and the culture of war.

Direct Action info + planning night in Sheffield 22nd June

Oh, the long summer stretches ahead of you, weeks and weeks of hot days and nothing but Big Brother on tv. If only there was something better to do with your summer... something effective, positive and fun.... something like DIRECT ACTION.

Invitation - women-only action camp weekend

Aldermaston Womens Camp flier 7/06

From evening of 7 to evening of 9 July, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp is hosting an action-oriented event outside Britain's nuclear weapons factory. There is also a (mixed gender) Block the Builders action on the Monday 10 July at Aldermaston, with possibility of women-only action (if enough women come down over the weekend)

Camp for Climate Action - London Neighbourhood Meeting, 20th June

Tuesday, 20 June, 7.00 PM @ The Square (20-22 Russell Square, WC1)

Summer's here, the weather's hotting up, and the Climate Camp is drawing nearer. If you're from London and thinking about going to the camp, now is the time to find out more and get involved!

Block the Builders Take Protest to Chippenham

Block the Builders June 06


This morning, as a delegation of Scottish MSPs, church leaders and NGO representatives visited Britain's nuclear weapons factory at AWE Aldermaston, anti-nuclear nonviolent direct action group Block the Builders took their protest to the UK office of German firm M+W Zander in Chippenham, Wilts.

Faslane Peace Camp Birthday party 10/11 june

Faslane Peace Camp is turning 24! Come the 12th of June, the Peace Camp will of permanently occupied a strip of land outside Faslane Nuclear Weapons base since 1982, making it the oldest peace camp in the UK.