Aldermaston contractors blocked

Aldermaston blockade April 06

This morning nonviolent direct action group Block the Builders took their protest against the controversial Orion laser facility to the doors of one of current contractors working on a range of projects at AWE Aldermaston.

No To Nuclear Power Protest - Derby

Derby no nuke demo 1
Derby no nuke demo 2
Derby no nuke demo 3

A letter for Mrs Beckett head of DEFRA with why opposed, and some pictures of the protest outside Derby City Council:

Planning Mayday in Manchester

Manc Mayday 06 poster

People in Manchester are working towards a Mayday weekend full of fun and action. It all kicked off with an AMAZING Mayday fundraiser squat party on Saturday. To find out more and to get involved, come down to the Basement on Monday 27th March, 7pm.


The next Block the Builders blockade to disrupt construction work on the new Orion laser facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston will be on Monday 10th April.

NUCLEAR POWER? NO WAY Demo and Campaigning day 29th April

No Way Nukes Day leaflet

Nuclear Power? No Way?
A Campaigning day in Manchester on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
Commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl and join our opposition to a new nuclear generation.

Anti Nuclear Power Protest - Derby 25th March

Stop Nu-Killer Energy banner

There is going to be an anti nuclear power protest next Saturday 25th March at the Council House steps in Derby 10.30 – 12.30 as Rt Hon Secretary for State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Mrs Beckett is holding her local surgery. Please bring white anti nuclear boiler suits, banners, noise makers etc.


Block the Builders logo

Six people were arrested early on Monday 13th March outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston as part of the on-going Block the Builders direct-action campaign to disrupt construction work on the new Orion laser facility which, if built, will enable the UK government to test and build the next generation of nuclear weapons.


Month or work,actions and party planned. Visit, play,drink, cook and be happy.

Faslance Peace Camp a beautiful position in the landscape and ANTI-NUKE resistance has been going strength to strength since 1982 but now needs some TLC and life and laughter to RESIST some more.

Faslane Peace camp needs folk!!

Faslane Peace Camp is in desperate need of visitors and residents....

Faslane Peace Camp is entering it's 24th year of occupying land nearby to the Faslane Naval Base, home of UK's nuclear missile carrying subs...

Solidarity Demo at New Court Case of Lancaster Uni Protesters (George Fox 6)

George Fox 6


Join the Demo. March 13th 2006, Lancaster Crown Court (behind the Castle).

The 'George Fox Six' are the six student protesters taken to court by the bosses of Lancaster University. They had been protesting against unethical corporations, including weapons manufacturers & oil companies, hijaking the University. The original trial convicted them. Now they are appealing...

Block the Builders: 13 March 2006 @ Aldermaston

Block the Builders Jan 2
Block the Builders Jan 1


Anti-nuclear NVDA group Block the Builders call another blockade of Britain's Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston

Anti Nuclear Weapons Campaign - Faslane 365 - help needed to set-up meetings in Ireland

Faslane 365 is a non-violent civil resistance project aimed at disarming the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons. We hope to achieve this through ongoing campaigning and a peaceful year-long blockade of the Faslane naval base in Scotland where the Trident submarines are berthed.

Faslane Peace Camp : Call Out.

Camp now in it's 24th Year, and in dire need of a breath of life.

Call out for action at Faslane.
The camp has 2/3 full time residents at present, with limited visitors. Granted it's a quiet time of year. But the camp has been in decline for a few years now. Those of us who stay at the camp are trying everything we can to get it back on track.