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Aldermaston: 8 arrests, successful blockade

Aldermaston Jan blockade 1
Aldermaston Jan blockade 2

This morning, at around 6.30am, groups of blockaders successfully shut two gates at Britain's nuclear weapons factory. There were eight arrests. Cutting teams gave up on trying to get through the lock-ons!

Blockade UK Nuke Factory at Aldermaston Monday 30 Jan

Bob the Builders


Yesterday West Berkshire Council failed to object to AWE Aldermaston's planned new laser - a facility designed to allow AWE to recreate the conditions in a nuclear explosion. This will allow the UK to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. In response Block the Builders have called a blockade of the WMD factory at Aldermaston on this Monday (30 Jan 2006).

Time to take on nuclear the best way we know - Direct-Action

Its seems that the government in all its supidity is going down a course of possibly building a new generation of nuclear power stations in this country. Those of us who have fought this big ugly monster for years, and those who haven't are fully aware of what these things hold out for both the environment and neighbouring communties. This in mind, a few of us have set up a new network, Community Resistance Against Nuclear Energy, CRANE which it is hoped will bring activists and community groups together to resist what ever the government decides to execute. The aim is to have a no compromise approach on this, and CRANE, has been set up by some of the orginal EF organisers in the UK from the earlhy 90's, who've decided to come out of 'retirement' to take this campaign on. If this government policy goes ahead, then common sense tells us we've got one hell of a fight on our hands, and have to use all the tricks in the book to resist and mobilise opposition. At the moment, i think the idea is to create regional and local organisers/contacts across the country, as naturally we aren't a hundred per cent sure exactly where they've decided to locate the new plants. Until we know where, i think its a matter of building up info, watching and networking to increase numbers, and new allies.

Day of action as Tony Blair sets out new nuclear power policy in Nottingham

Nottingham Blair nuke policy 1
Nottingham Blair nuke policy demo 2

Tony Blair set out new plans today for a nuclear power policy, as him and other cabinet ministers attended a Labour Party forum, at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham. The conference centre is based at Nottingham University, where students jumped into action after it was leaked to Nottinghamshire Indymedia that Tony Blair was to visit the Uni. A call out for a demonstration, meeting at 10am at the Portland Building (on Notts Uni campus) was supported by a large number of local campaign groups including the Students Union, Nottingham Stop the War, Nottingham Student Peace Movement, Lenton Anarchist Forum and the arts activism collective the Mischief Makers. Also affinity group actions have been planned.

Camp for Climate Action announced - dates, website, working groups & January meeting

Stop Climate Chaos

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution



Block the Builders logo

Oppose the building of the laser facility at AWE Aldermaston

On 23rd November 2005 West Berkshire Planning Committee voted to defer a decision on whether to support the Atomic Weapons Establishment's full planning notice for the controversial Orion laser facility . If built, the laser will enable the UK government to test and build the next generation of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Waste Transport In Germany reports

Gorleben burning barricades


Since November 19, yet another transport with twelve containers of radioactive waste (called 'Castor') from the plutonium plant La Hague (France) is on its way to the so called interim storage in Gorleben in the Wendland region, an area ( Map ) well known for 20 years of resistance to nuclear power. The transport is scheduled to arrive in Gorleben monday evening. The police announced that they will send at least 11,000 local and federal cops into the region.

Anti-Trident Campaigners put Brakes on Rolls Royce, Derby

Rolls Royce Derby

24th October 2005

10 peace campaigners were arrested at Rolls Royce Raynesway in Derby this morning whilst attempting to shut down the factory with a non-violent blockade. 40 activists congregated in spite of heavy rain, two section 14 orders and an extraordinarily heavy police presence. They were attempting to uphold international law by closing the factory for the day. Rolls Royce Raynesway makes the nuclear engines for Britain’s illegal nuclear weapons system Trident, and is essential for its deployment.

Next Gorleben train schedule confirmed



Gorleben arson

Gorleben, northern Germany – The anti-nuclear group resisting the dumping of highly radioactive waste here says it has information confirming that the next trainload of it will arrive from France on 7 November, the anniversary of the day a French activist was killed last year.

Insurgents Occupy Military Communications Mast in Berkshire

Coulport tripod

17th September 2005

Two insurgents have scaled a communications mast at a military fuel storage and distribution hub at Padworth Common in Berkshire and are intending to disable the mast in an effort to disrupt and prevent fuel distribution to the UK’s nuclear weapons factory at Aldermaston and all United States military bases in the UK.

UK Nuclear Weapon Depot Blockaded for Two Hours

Coulport blockade

7th September 2005

This morning peace activists blockaded the nuclear weapon depot at Coulport on Loch Long, hampering day-shift worker traffic entering the base to a trickle and stopping it completely for almost an hour.

3 Arrested After Peace Slogans Painted at Trident Base

Evil Trident graffitti

4th September 2005

At noon today three peace activists were arrested after the main entrance to the nuclear weapon base at Faslane was covered in anti-Trident messages.

the "Big Successfull Blockade" of Faslane Nuclear Base, at G8 2005

G8 Faslane 3


On Monday 4th of July, Scottish CND, Trident Ploughshares, the Faslane Peace Camp and friends celebrated one of their biggest success in the struggle against the Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction in Britain yet: