Mass trespass halts work on Shell refinery in Ireland


The Shell to Sea Campaign organised a day of support on the 16th February at Bellanaboy to give people from around the country the opportunity to show their support and solidarity with the community of Erris in their struggle against Shell. After the official protest had ended around 100 people crossed the bog to gain access to the refinery and suceeded in halting work there.

Shell to Sea Solidarity Action in Scotland

Shell logo burningBetween 7am and 8am this morning (16th February 2007) while the city was still in darkness, a number of activists shut down eight different Shell petrol stations in and surrounding the city centre of Edinburgh. This action was a solidarity action for the Shell to Sea campaign in Rossport, County Mayo and also to target Shell for being a major contributor to global warming and climate change. The action was purposely planned to coincide with the action taking place at the Ballinaboy refinery site on the same morning.

30 shut down Manchester petrol station

Esso flyer (Mcr)
Mcr Esso blockade banner

Yesterday, 30 climate activists shut down an ESSO petrol station on Upper Brook Street in Manchester for 2 hours. The action aimed to highlight the link between the oil industry and global warming.

photos of Manchester carbon footprint stencils

Footprint stencils Mcr 1Footprint stencils Mcr 2

Last Thursday, to coincide with the IPCC report, a group of Manchester climate activists decorated the pavements outside flight centres, petrol stations, supermarkets and a humvee garage with carbon footprints.

Oil spill at the Natural History Museum (& demos in Aberdeen & Manchester)


Today at the Shell-sponsored Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum, 20 activists inspired by the Camp for Climate Action (1), smeared oil over the photographs. This was an act of outrage at Shell’s painfully transparent attempts to greenwash its reputation via cultural sponsorship.

The Trebanos Five - "Ramblers" arrested on route of National Grids Pipeline

This morning ( Wed 31-01-2007 ) five people were arrested on the public footpath running through the construction site in Trebanos, South Wales.

The Trebanos Five..... Whose quick decision making left a bit to be desired were arrested today for "learning Italian, having a picnic and reading" on an illegaly closed public footpath in Trebanos...... Having being given 5 minutes to move on, they were handcuffed and manhandled whilst deciding what to do next( three minutes later....) They are now known as The Trebanos Faffing Five !!!

Hell at Shell petrol Stations: London blockade

London Shell garages blockaded 1/07Report 1 - On the evening of the 24th January two Shell petrol stations in north London were blockaded by activists who are concerned over Shell's aggressive business practices and poor human rights record.

Reports from Shell to Sea, Ballinaboy, Mayo

Mayo protest banner January '0711.01.2007

Reports from Monday , Tuesday and Thursday at proposed Shell refinery site, of Shell to Sea protesters and photos of same.

STOP E$$O DAY! 5-6th April

24 hour protest at the offices of Esso called by Campaign against Climate Change. www.campaigncc.org and other environmental groups/

24 hours of protest at Exxon (Esso) HQ, 5.00 pm Thursday 5th April to 5.00 pm

critical mass 29 december Mcr - a story from the ride

critical mass fri 29 december

We met at the usual time and place of 6pm at central library in Manchester city centre. There were about ten of us, numbers being a bit low becasue many people had gone to other towns and cities for christmas and new year, but making up the numbers we had people from Aberdeen, York and Swansea!

Santas Against Excessive Consumption hit London, 16.12.06

Santas Against Excessive Consumption (SAEC) went out to play for the second year running on Saturday December 16th 2006, dropping in on the Shell-sponsored Natural History Museum (NHM) on the way to the consumer hell that is Oxford Street.

Shell education in Barnsley

Barnsley Shell protest 1Barnsley Shell protest 2On Saturday 16th December potential customers at a Shell petrol station in Barnsley were given information about the activities of Shell in Mayo and encouraged to boycott the company.