Outdoor skillshare 2011! 26-29th August, South Lanarkshire

Much more information about the event has been uploaded here: http://outdoorskillshare.noflag.org.uk/

Coal Action Scotland warmly invites you to join us in beautiful rural South Lanarkshire for a weekend of skillsharing and workshops about outdoor life and resistance techniques. From mass catering to foraging wild foods, from land defence to self defence, from climbing trees to digging tunnels and everything between; come and learn new skills, meet new people and share your experiences with others.

China protest closes toxic chemical plant in Dalian

14 August 2011
Authorities in the north-eastern Chinese city of Dalian have ordered the closure of a chemical plant after a mass protest over pollution.

Scuffles had broken out on Sunday between police and thousands of protesters calling for it to be moved.

Outdoor Skillshare 2011 location released!

This year's Outdoor Skillshare will take place at Talamh Housing Cooperative in South Lanarkshire. The skillshare runs 26-29 August, but get there on Thursday and leave on Tuesday to make sure you don't miss anything!

The swoop cometh! Glos eco-village:meeting list.

Greetings all,

The beginning is nigh...

Hopefully this will be the last meeting list, so the next thing you'll hear from us will be the swoop info.. anyone wanting to help out with the swoop, on the day- please get in contact now... Otherwise you'll only be given short notice as to the date/location etc...

Mobile Guerilla Garden

A convoy of shopping trollies planted up with vegetables and flowers salvaged from a demolished community garden back in May took to the streets of Brighton on Saturday (July 9).

The Age of Evictions ... and Resistance!

Two different communities. One living in Clifton Mansions, an inner city block of long term squatted flats in Brixton, south London.

Glos Guerilla Gardening meet-up

I've been talking to lots of people interested in starting some form of guerilla gardening group in gloucestershire, and I'm sure there are many more of you out there...

So lets get gardening!

The first Green and Black Cross Network Gathering

London June 18th 11-6 Followed by a social. Venue TBC

Support is attack!

Green and Black Cross were set up after the Millbank demonstration of November last year through identifying a need for the type of support that had been developed in the Climate Movement. Since then we have supported hundreds of people from many backgrounds in their rebellions and protests.

SDL and BNP: Smashed out of Glasgow!


A last minute mobilisation of anti-fascists on Sunday saw off both the BNP and the Scottish Defence League, who both attempted to hold separate public activity in Glasgow city centre.

Two emails re US evidence Cherney Bari bomb

Darryl Cherney and Judi Bari were both members of the IWW at the time.


SAN FRANCISCO -- The survivor of an Oakland car bombing reopened a 20-year-old case Wednesday when he asked a federal judge to bar the FBI from destroying bomb fragments he argued could contain evidence.

People Unite in Opposition to Scottish Coal's Open Cast Plans in Midlothian

Yesterday around 185 people gathered in Cousland, Midlothian, to show their united opposition to Scottish Coal's plans to mine 2 million tonnes of coal from the 154-hectare site at Airfield Farm – the size of Edinburgh's old and new towns combined – just 500 metres from the village. Many villagers and their families came to the Village Hall and were met by 20 cyclists who cycled from Climate Camp in Gogar and a further 60 from the Climate Camp and beyond who came to show their support for the campaign.