Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Yet Another Forest Eviction

We live in the Rohanne Forest. Over the last two years the many people who lived and passed by here built seven high tree houses and a beautiful three storey collective house. On Thursday 19th October the police came with bulldozers and destroyed and removed the house.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Operation Obelix, a menhir in your face, Ayrault!

Story of the assaults and looting of the ZAD - Europe's biggest anti-airport protest camp by the forces of capitalist destruction. Written thanks to the testimony of many friends.

*Le Sabot* -  Tuesday,

ZAD - Reoccupation Demonstration November 17th. (France)

Notre Dame des Landes
Facing the evictions:
Demonstration of reoccupation !

To rebuild - against the airport!

Pitchforks, wooden beams, planks, nails and tools in hand...
Meeting Saturday November 17th in the morning.

Grapes of wrath

Vineyards in Sark  sabotaged.

Support wires – some up to 200 yards long – have been cut and repairs will take up to six months. The cost is estimated at tens of thousands of pounds.

Shell's Tunnel Boring Machine parts delayed by lock-on

First segments eventually delivered to tunnelling compound,11 segments to come

On Thursday night Shell's efforts to move parts of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) critical to the Corrib gas project hit another delay as protesters blocked the main gate of the refinery site with a concrete lock-on.

Eco-anarchist Luca “Billy” Bernasconi is free (Switzerland)

Hello to all the comrades:

I left on Sunday, August 19. The judge (was foaming at the mouth!), like Silvia, I am also granted parole having reached two-thirds of the sentence. Finding the warmth of vegan compas, finding sights and words, it’s a pure joy to me.

Buenos Aires: Banner drop at the Metro for the Swiss Embassy in solidarity with Marco Camenisch (Argentina)

On Wednesday 28th August, we hung a banner on the building of the Metro where the Swiss Embassy resides. While we were removed, we scattered flyers around the place.

GM sunflowers - Faucheurs Volontaires in action

2 September 2012

Press release

In the early hours of 2nd September, a hundred Faucheurs Volontaires (voluntary reapers of GM) from all over France simultaneously decontaminated 8 test fields in the Isère region and 1 in the Drôme.

Netherlands: destruction of potato GM trial site

Two GM potato trial fields at the University of Wageningen were destroyed by activists in July and August 2012. 

The potato trials were for mildew resistance.  They were in Lelystad and Valthermond. It was only recently, on 16th August, that the destruction was discovered.  The action has not been claimed.