reported anonymously:

"Portsmouth Greyhound stadium has been treated to a new paint job. Slogans such as 'ALF' and 'You bet they die" were daubed in red paint on the outer perimeter fencing to draw attention to the local people about what is going on inside that hell hole.


reported by activists in the UK:

"John Parkers Poultry in Hampshire has finally closed after a sustained campaign of direct action. The actions taken included:

08/03/06 - 50 hens liberated
04/10/03 - 1024 hens liberated.

critical mass 29 december Mcr - a story from the ride

critical mass fri 29 december

We met at the usual time and place of 6pm at central library in Manchester city centre. There were about ten of us, numbers being a bit low becasue many people had gone to other towns and cities for christmas and new year, but making up the numbers we had people from Aberdeen, York and Swansea!

"Calm the Climate – No More Roads!" say protesters 'nailed' to asphalt in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Road nailing action 1Road nailing action 228/12/06: The opening of the Wellington Inner City “Bypass” was delayed, as it was blockaded by protesters this morning in an action against new roads.


15 December 2006
A Farmer who had agreed to genetically modified potatoes being grown on his land has pulled out of the scheme after receiving threats.

The crops were to be planted in Borrowash by BASF Plant Science, which was granted permission for the project by the Government earlier this year.

Digger attacked in Protest by Concerned Citizens in Cornwall


Housing project in Cornwall targeted by protesters against urban sprawl

Last night a site of housing development in Helston was targeted by a group of concerned citizens.

Locks on a digger were glued and slogans sprayed over the windows.

Northern Eco-action gathering

power station drawing
wind turbines drawing

You are cordially invited to the NORTHERN ECO-ACTION GATHERING taking place on Saturday 11 November from 10.30-6pm in the BRADFORD RESOURCE CENTRE followed by food and socialising in the 1 in 12 social centre. For practical details see below and check our website

Plane Stupid Activists 'close' travel agents in Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Reading & London!


Like other spots around the country, short haul retailers feel the heat (and paint):

Manchester joined Plane Stupid’s call out for a National Day of Action against Short Haul Flights on Sunday night (remember remember the 5th of November).

Another billboard falls in Bristol!

People must have noticed the decapitated billboard this morning by The Arches on Gloucester Road?

When will the other two

Swansea Climate change activists target housing development


A new action group the Swansea SA1 Snorkellers has used graffiti to highlight the fact that part of Swansea’s prestigious SA1 development on Trawler Road is being built on land that will flood unless Climate Change can be averted.

Bristol Chapter of Westside Neighbourhood Occupy Shell Garage & veg oil actions

Against Shell and in Solidarity with Rossport

At a shell garage on the main commuter route in and out of Bristol, activists occupied a shell service station, against Shell's contribution to climate and in solidarity with Rossport

Only 1 Bidder for M74 Contract - addresses...

There's only one consortium bidding for the contract to fuck up the southside of Glasgow by extending the M74 through it.

According to Newsquest (,

Launch of Bath Activist Network

Sep 28 2006

Birth pangs of a new group, the Bath Activist Network, bringing together people in Bath who want to work together to fight for positive change, connecting all radical "disciplines" holistically, knowing that every problem in this world is interlinked.