The Bolt Weevils and the Simplicity of Sabotage

Resistance against exploitation is nothing new. History is full of examples of people—perfectly ordinary people—fighting back against injustice, exploitation, and the destruction of their lands and communities.

Fracking Saboteur Sentenced to 6 Months. 13 Feb

Tanner J. Long of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania As far as we can tell, there’s been no clear reason expressed about why he did it.

Misdirection & Target Selection, Part 1

We’re up against a lot. With hundreds of species going extinct every day, with the oceans being vacuumed of life, with the last vestiges of wild forests being felled or burned and the heart of the planet being torn up to poison the air, civilization is driving Earth towards biotic collapse.

construction vehicles torched at deforestation site

anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"10/02/2013 members of ALF-Kuban torched construction vehicles used for destroying a grove – one of the few left – in Krasnodar.

Anti-Surveillance Activists Begin Game to Destroy CCTV Cameras in Germany

The watchful eye of the German surveillance state may need something of a patch soon as a radical group of activists have launched a campaign to destroy as many CCTV surveillance cameras as possible ahead of the 19 February European Police Congress in Berlin.

ALF/ELF sabotage road construction at Combe Haven

reported anonymously:

"Combe Haven. 7th-8th January 2013.

Acting in solidarity with the campaign against the Bexhill-Hastings link road, activists sabotaged contractors attempts to force local wildlife to migrate away from the site of the proposed road.