Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

The Spuds don't work. *Norwich, noon, 23rd July 2011.*

British trials of genetically modified blight resistant spuds have been failing for the last ten years. But a conventionally bred variety of blight resistant potatoes has been available for 3 years. So why are we still paying for their dangerous experiment?

Land is Ours autumn gathering 2011

The Land Is Ours
Autumn Gathering 2011

TLIO are hosting a weekend gathering from Sat 8th to Sun 9th October this year at Monkton Wyld Court, near Axminster, Dorset. Come and enjoy a feast of inspirational talks, open discussions, workshops and evening entertainment in the pleasantly eccentric setting of Monkton Wyld.

Talks and workshops will include the following themes:

Coal protesters show solidarity with the people of South Mongolia, and stand against China's crackdown on freedom of expression

Today, 30th May 2011, a small group of anti-coal protesters rallied to a call out by South Mongolian human rights activists for global protest [1] and held a short vigil outside the Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh.

squatting stories wanted

Calling All Squatters!

Got any positive, funny or random stories from your squatting experiences?

We're putting together an exhibition and zine with positive squatting stories to contradict and show the other side to squatting, to the one regurgitated again and again by the mainstream media.

Common Ground For Climate Action, 4-5 June 2011

Common Ground for Climate Action (the meeting after CC Space for Change)

A meeting facilitated by the Rhizome Collective

DATE: 10:30am 4th June – 5:30pm 5th June
VENUE: Grow Heathrow, Sipson, West London

Who is this meeting for?

People who:
- have previously been involved in organising CFCA or other radical grassroots climate action

The first Green and Black Cross Network Gathering

London June 18th 11-6 Followed by a social. Venue TBC

Support is attack!

Green and Black Cross were set up after the Millbank demonstration of November last year through identifying a need for the type of support that had been developed in the Climate Movement. Since then we have supported hundreds of people from many backgrounds in their rebellions and protests.

Grangemouth Biomass Protesters ‘Block Port’

Four people have been arrested in a protest against a proposed biomass power station at Grangemouth docks.

Twenty protesters from Action Against Agrofuels blocked both the access roads to the port, but police said South Shore Road had now been reopened.

The Climate Renegades are GO GO GO!

At a time when cuts and austerity are grabbing the headlines, the need for action on climate change has never been greater. Floods, heatwaves, energy shortages, rising food prices – these are just the start if we don’t take action now.

After Space for Change

The 'discussion space' on crabgrass is the place to share comments, concerns and ideas about the decision(s) made at Space for Change. Here's how:

1) Go to
2) Click 'log in' at the top right corner
3) Once logged in, select 'join group'
4) And you're in!

Day of Action against Extraction, April 19/April 20 - 2011

Communities around the world are under attack from extractive industries that poison our families, kill our loved ones on the job, and destroy the ecosystems we cherish. The BP oil spill was unfortunately just one of an endless string of disasters born of an economic system that must endlessly consume the Earth’s resources.

Update from Coal Action Scotland & THWAC

30th October 2011
Hello all,

Here's a brief update of what's been going on with Coal Action Scotland and what's coming up. There's a week to go before the Autumn Gathering and lots has been happening!

1. New THWAC! short film
2. THWAC Gathering 6th-10th November
3. Coal Action Scotland October Newsletter
4. Action Roundup
5. Recent News

*1. New THWAC! short film*

SDL and BNP: Smashed out of Glasgow!


A last minute mobilisation of anti-fascists on Sunday saw off both the BNP and the Scottish Defence League, who both attempted to hold separate public activity in Glasgow city centre.

Happendon Wood Occupied! New Direct Action Camp Against Scottish Coal

Early evening on Sunday 12th September a group of autonomous individuals successfully occupied a new site in Happendon Wood, South Lanarkshire!