Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

Sunday stroll through RBS' HQ and other climate camp actions so far - updated

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Mid Sunday afternoon (22.8.10), 100s of people attempted to stroll over the bridge from the Climate Camp to the HQ of RBS. Police tried to stop them.

People Unite in Opposition to Scottish Coal's Open Cast Plans in Midlothian

Yesterday around 185 people gathered in Cousland, Midlothian, to show their united opposition to Scottish Coal's plans to mine 2 million tonnes of coal from the 154-hectare site at Airfield Farm – the size of Edinburgh's old and new towns combined – just 500 metres from the village. Many villagers and their families came to the Village Hall and were met by 20 cyclists who cycled from Climate Camp in Gogar and a further 60 from the Climate Camp and beyond who came to show their support for the campaign.

Growing Resistance – trip to Cousland - Saturday 21st August 2010

Growing Resistance is an event organised by Coal Action Scotland, in solidarity with Communities Against Airfield Open Cast, taking place during the Camp For Climate Action, which this year is in Edinburgh.

Climate Camp Have Occupied land near Gogarburn RBS HQ

Update, Thursday 19th:
The to-be-dramatic "Swoop" to occupy the site of Climate Camp in Edinburgh wasn't so dramatic. As the site, in RBS's back garden, had been taken the night before, many people were already onsite and much (all?) risk taken out of the swoop process.So four separate meeting places to avoid containment were replaced with a single one, sunny St Andrews Square, where around 60 heavily-laden campers gathered, chatted and then left to go to the site. On the X48 bus, much to the relief of those with an Edinburgh A-Z.

Trashing, dashing, bashing, mashing: the new EF! Action Update

So what have you been up to the last few months? Just hanging around?
Maybe you've been part of human wheel-clamping aeroplanes, climbing up scaffolding tripods inconveniently placed in the road, smashing machines at open-cast mines, playing nuked-dead in the street, kayaking against borehole drill rigs in Ireland, burning mobile phone masts, resisting Tesco, camping against trashing of woodland, with some success at Titnore (& other protest camp updates), or getting in on BP's act, spilling oil in public places.

Or have you been on holiday, taking part in indigenous blockades against logging, dams and mining, spilunking against high speed trains, slashing tuna cages, blockading Monsanto HQ, trashing GM fields, and more?

New UK Eco-Zine Distro Launched

Scale Trees Distro a new UK based zine distributors have just launched their website.

We specialise in zines about ecological direct action, land defence, forest occupations and communities struggling against environmentally destructive projects.

Check out the website!

The Outdoor Skillshare a success

23rd June 2010
Over a hundred people came together last weekend for the Outdoor Skillshare. Held at Talamh Housing Coop in South Lanarkshire, the weekend aimed to bring people together to share the skills needed to occupy land and defend it from eviction. Workshops covered varied topics including cooking for the masses, digging tunnels, radio communication and climbing trees.

Camp for Climate Action 2010 - Break the Bank!

Saturday 21 August – Tuesday 24 August 2010
Edinburgh, Scotland

* Occupy and set up the basecamp: 19–20 August
* Four days of training and direct action: 21–24 August
* Day of action against RBS: 23 August
* Return basecamp to nature: 25 August

The Camp for Climate Action is a grassroots movement taking direct

Coal Action Network website relaunched!

Check out for the updated and re-vamped Coal Action Network website and detailed coal maps of the UK. It is hoped that this website will be a useful resource to anyone taking action – or thinking of taking action – to protect communities, environments and the climate system from coal projects.