South East England

South East England

Dutch occupy runway for 3 hours on European Day of Aviation (& demo photos from around UK)

Schipol 06 Action 1
Schipol 06 Action 2
Schipol 06 Action 5

The Dutch did direct action for European Day of Action against Aviation. They invaded Schipol Airport under the cover of darkness and blocked the taxiway for three hours by locking themselves on using a variety of instruments. Meanwhile, Belgians let off black helium balloons in the terminal building, French wandered about the airport in night clothes, armed with leaflets. An ASBO was served on Luton airport, and there were other events around the UK & the rest of Europe.

London's world naked bike ride yesterday (& Brighton, York and Manchester)

World Naked Bike Ride 06 London 1
World Naked Bike Ride 06 London 2

between 600 and 1000 people took part in the naked bike ride protest yesterday afternoon in the blazing sunshine. meeting up at wellington arch from around midday, it soon became clear this travelling naked protest against the dominance of car culture and oil dependency was going to be something extraordinary.

SAVE TITNORE WOODS, UK! - update & contractors' addresses etc

Support the tree-top campaigners in Titnore Woods, Durrington, Near Worthing, West Sussex, UK!

Over 800 new homes are due to be built where there is one of the few remaining woodlands on the south coast. Please voice your concern and opposition to this and support the campaigners fighting to keep the woodland for us and future generations.

E. Sussex: Stanmer squat festival (and impending eviction) HELP NEEDED

Eviction Aruga!!

Fancy a day out with the family in a East Sussex country farmhouse?

Come to the Home Farm openhouse in Stanmer village on Saturday 3rd, 11am till roughly 8pm, for bbq, face painting, an art exhibition, games, cinema, local campaign introductions and tons more. Brighton Council wants to turn the old building into posh flats; we say its owned by the community!

British Waterways Evict Oxford Boatyard May 31, 2006

Castle Mill boatyard eviction 1
Castle Mill boatyard eviction 2

After 10 months of occupation by local residents, Oxfords last remaining boatyard, Castle Mill boatyard, finally succumbed to the forces of darkness this morning when it was evicted by dozens of bailiffs, security guards and police. The boatyard’s owners, public corporation British Waterways, want to sell the land for development despite planning permission for the site having been repeatedly refused. Property developers Castlemore are rumoured to be interested in acquiring the site. At the time of writing British Waterways are craning boats still undergoing repair back into the water and several people have been arrested whilst trying to defend their homes.


Three people arrested on last month's critical mass in Southend-on-sea, Essex.

Help us make the next Mass bigger and show the police they can't stop us, meet outside WHSmith (town centre) on Friday 9th June at 6 p.m.

Oxford Boat yard eviction happening NOW!

Eviction Aruga!!

Support wanted.

It's 8.45am and the boat yard eviction has been going on this morning. If you are able to come down and show your support for the boat yard please do!

Community centres from empty buildings - Home Farm, Brighton

A group of squatters have taken over Home Farm in Stanmer and in a week successfully turned it into a community centre.

Our aim is to reclaim disaffected public buildings and council properties to create community based projects (art exhibitions, plays, workshops, classes, lectures etc.) for the benefit of Brighton residents, as well as involving the squatting community in positive activities.

Titnore camp latest

9am, Monday May 29.
POLICE did not return during the night. The protesters are asking for people to come and bring them a wheel barrow, more tarpaulins, polyprop rope, climbing harnesses and 100mm nails. But most of all they need PEOPLE there to back them up.

Titnore Woods site under imminent eviction

Eviction Aruga!!

URGENT - Eviction
11am, Sunday May 28

An urgent call out for people to go to Titnore Woods - NOW!

World Naked Bike Rides to be held in Brighton, Manchester, York and London

World naked bike ride 2006

Since 2004, the World Naked Bike Ride has been spreading it's message of opposition to car culture and oil dependency in rides throughout the globe. The ride celebrates the power and individuality of the human body. Many riders will have their first experience of social and non-sexual nudity through the ride. All rides are clothing optional in the truest sense. There is no pressure for riders to go more clothed or nude than they wish. Rides range in size from the very small (Sao Paolo 2004 had 2 riders) to the very large (Zaragosa 2004 had 400 riders). The average ride is under 100 riders, but London beat the odds by having 250 riders in 2005 for it's second ever ride. There are over 100 rides planned for 2006.

National Anti-Incinerator Meeting 27 May at Birkbeck College, London

Dear Friends,

The Defra public consultation period is now over and the Government's new waste strategy is going to be formulated. There is still plenty of opportunity to influence the final outcome by

European Day of Action on Aviation, 10th June, 2006

On 10th June campaign groups from across Europe will be taking part in a Day of Action

The purpose of the day is:

v to highlight how much opposition there is across Europe to airport expansion


Picadilly Circus
London riders in 2005

Last year 250 people cycled naked around the busiest streets of London and other cities worldwide on a Saturday afternoon in June.