South West England

South West England

Open Day at the Tesco Occupation, Bristol

February 24 2010
To celebrate the second week of occupation and get people involved in the space we are holding an open day at the Tesco occupation this Sunday. Please come along!

RBS attacked with rocks & fire over Tar Sands project

In the early hours of Tuesday 23rd February 2010, anarchists attacked the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ in the heart of developing Bristol, UK.

Despite road traffic and proximity of security, the mob succeeded in breaking windows, smashing paint-bombs against upper floors and setting fire to tyres in the middle of the road.

Kernow Action Now - Send us Mail

Kernow Action Now is happy to publicise all actions and community events that educate and inform people about, or prevent, the exploitation of the environment and the community.

Bath Black Cat occupied social centre moves again!!

For 6 months, the Black Cat has been providing Bath with a liberated community space featuring a radical library, freeshop, cafe, debt advice centre, and dozens of film nights, meetings, activities and workshops .

Bath Bomb #27 Out Now


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Issue #27
Feb 10

"I Can't Believe It's Not Better!"

B&NES Cuts It Fine

courts attacked in bristol

Last night the magistrates court next to the bus station in the middle of bristol was attacked. all the reachable windows were smashed out and spray paint messages left on the walls "fuck the law not the poor!"

climate camp 'where next?' regional gatherings and reader


We've got a new discussion board up on the Climate Camp website with all the proposals for the regional gatherings received so far, plus some other useful texts from the Where Next? discussions. Join the discussion here:


Black Cat Occupied social centre evicted and Reoccupied!

Yesterday saw the eviction of the Black Cat Centre, a squatted social centre that for 3 months became a genuinely well used and valued community resource, involving hundreds of local people in various capacities. The eviction was met with a 17 strong solidarity demo, but no resistance from the inside as the eviction came slightly earlier than expected.


Black Cat Social Centre (Bath) To Be Evicted! - Wednesday, 16th December

Update: We've just received our eviction notice. The bailiffs are due around at 11am on this Wednesday, the 16th December.

climate actions - tar sands, Santas at City Airport, Carbon Trading Exchange camped, Santas at BT (updated)

Climate Activists Tell Canada: Don’t Cop Out On COP 15!

On Monday 14th of December, campaigners from the UK Tar Sands Network and Camp for Climate Action protested outside Canada House in London and shut down Pall Mall Street in Trafalgar Square to protest against Canada’s attempts to derail the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

November 30: Global Day of Action on Climate Crisis (mostly in USA, Canada & UK)

Today, on November 30, one week before the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen open, and on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protest in Seattle in 1999, major protests, lock-ons and civil disobedience are taking place in cities around the world.

North Somerset power lines protesters in 'Save our Valley' demonstration

Placard-waving protesters chanting 'Save our Valley' held a demonstration outside a public exhibition detailing plans to put towering pylons through the North Somerset countryside.