South West England

South West England

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

Steal Something DayThe 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.

Squat tycoon rampage Bristol subvert

Squat subvert Bristolanother bilboard gets the Bristol treament (other billboards are felled - see previous posts under '

Radford Mill organic farm squatted

Hi folks,latest update from radford mill farm is that despite repeated attempts at negotiation with Richard Fox, the landlord, we have been forced by his behaviour to occupy the farm on a squatting basis. We were trying to negotiate a new wave of help for the place and save it as an organic farm and eco project.

Digger attacked in Protest by Concerned Citizens in Cornwall


Housing project in Cornwall targeted by protesters against urban sprawl

Last night a site of housing development in Helston was targeted by a group of concerned citizens.

Locks on a digger were glued and slogans sprayed over the windows.

Kebele's 11th anniversary & benefit party

Raising the roof - 11th birthday & benefit party

It's Kebele's 11th anniversary, we now own the place outright, we're revamping everything, and we're even fixing the roof. So in true Kebele style, we are having a party - and you are all invited.

News from Kebele social centre (Bristol)

Kebele social centre in Easton, Bristol, remains (sadly) the only permanent radical volunteer run such centre in Bristol – that means no bosses and no paid staff. As we look forwards to the 11th anniversary of the founding of Kebele, we hope that readers & activists will go out and set up their own radical centre, in their part of town. Bristol needs not one, but many, long-term radical social centres, if we are to truly build an alternative to the dominance of the capitalist consumer culture and its destructive nature.

Plane Stupid Activists 'close' travel agents in Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Reading & London!


Like other spots around the country, short haul retailers feel the heat (and paint):

Manchester joined Plane Stupid’s call out for a National Day of Action against Short Haul Flights on Sunday night (remember remember the 5th of November).

Bristol alt media is back with Bristle 23

We’re not looking for a new England
But we are fighting for another world

Issue 23 of Bristle magazine is out now, sticking it’s size 10’s (and 9’s, 7’s, 5’s…) into the nationalism & identity issues with a special feature.

Another billboard falls in Bristol!

People must have noticed the decapitated billboard this morning by The Arches on Gloucester Road?

When will the other two

Day of Action against Short Haul Flights - Locations of Public Events

Plane Stupid is calling for a day of action against short haul flights and short haul operators on November 6th, during the UN International Climate Talks in Nairobi. The day of action is two days after the mass event for climate action in London on November 4th, organised by Stop Climate Chaos and the Campaign Against Climate Change.

Bristol Chapter of Westside Neighbourhood Occupy Shell Garage & veg oil actions

Against Shell and in Solidarity with Rossport

At a shell garage on the main commuter route in and out of Bristol, activists occupied a shell service station, against Shell's contribution to climate and in solidarity with Rossport

Bristol's first World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday 14 Oct at 12.45pm

Free film screening of World Naked Bike Ride film at 11.30am
followed by...
a mini-World Naked Bike Ride through Bristol assembling at 12.30, departing 12.45
For all the details check out the link to Bristol Indymedia article.

Launch of Bath Activist Network

Sep 28 2006

Birth pangs of a new group, the Bath Activist Network, bringing together people in Bath who want to work together to fight for positive change, connecting all radical "disciplines" holistically, knowing that every problem in this world is interlinked.