squatting / free spaces / protest sites

squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Take Back the Land: site taken, Glentaggart East occupied!


Yesterday evening we occupied Scottish Coal’s new opencast mine site in the Douglas Valley, South Lanarkshire, for Take Back the Land! – a week of action against the destruction of opencast mining.

Squat Milada brutally evicted after an attempt to make a one-off commemorative gig

The Prague's renowned squat Vila Milada, which was evicted three years ago after being one of the most important places for Czech autonomous underground scene, had been occupied by approximately 30 people on Saturday July 30th to commemorate the bleak anniversary by an improvised hardcore punk gig.

Eco village occupation in Windsor this June


As of June 12th this year, the Peace Camp will have been in existence for 30  years. Whilst it is great that there has been such dedication from thousands over the years, the radioactive beast still hasn't been chased from it's lair! A 30 Day campaign of anti-nuclear insubordination, from June 9th to July 9th, has thus been planned.

Wicked Work Weekend in Mayo

Stopping Shell, moving camp & dragging pallets!

Friday 4th May Day of Solidarity successfully stopped all Shell haulage for the day. Once folks were satisfied that Shell wasn't going to try and do any haulage, they went to the Rossport Solidarity Camp to start taking down structures and move the camp.

Farm occupied in USA

29 April 2012

We are reclaiming this land to grow healthy food to meet the needs of local communities. We envision a future of food sovereignty, in which our East Bay communities make use of available land - occupying it where necessary - for sustainable agriculture to meet local needs.


Forest to be Coal Mined occupied in Germany

Actioncamp Foz da Tua (Portugal)

We are reaching the critical stage to stop one of the biggest atrocities committed in one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal.