squatting / free spaces / protest sites

squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Scots Going to the Camp for Climate Action

Scottish activists are travelling to the Climate Action Camp to give workshops, cook and learn how to stop climate chaos. There are buses from Glasgow (Thursday) and Edinburgh (Friday).

As part of the fight against climate change, people will be gathering near Leeds next week as part of the Camp for Climate Action. Biodiesel-powered Buses will travel from Glasgow on Thursday 24th and Edinburgh on Friday 25th to Megawatt Valley in Yorkshire, in the shadow of the single greatest emitter of CO2 in the UK, Drax coal-fired power station.

Saving Iceland Protest camp over

Iceland sunset

Closing statement from the summer 2006 Saving Iceland/Friends of Iceland protest camp:
20 August 2006

This summer’s protest camp is disbanding but the fight must go on.

Callout to Join Manchester/Liverpool Neighbourhood at Climate Camp

The Camp for Climate Action is scheduled for Aug 26 - Sept 4 near Leeds. People from Manchester and Liverpool will form a neighbourhood at the Camp. This is a callout to join the neighbourhood now.

Saving Iceland action invades Alcoa


The Icelandic highlands are the last great expanse of true wilderness left in Western Europe. Now the country's hydroelectric potential has been targeted by multinational corporations, who intend to establish large-scale heavy industry in these hitherto pristine hinterlands. Join the protest camp.

Climate Camp Birmingham Meeting Number 3

There will be a third meeting Friday 18th August at The Occupied Social Centre in Sparkbrook at 7.00pm ( The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre, 147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, B11 1SS: map here for anyone interested in coming to climate camp from the West Midlands/Birmingham.

Whats on at Kebele (in Bristol)...

Kebele is at an exciting stage in its evolution, having just paid off the mortgage, making the building more secure than ever. With that sense of freedom we have decided to evolve from the separate yet interlinked entities of Housing Co-op and Kulture Projekt, to becoming a Community Co-op. We believe this format will ensure a strengthened equality amongst our members, and allow us to refocus on those original meanings of the word ‘Kebele’.


Thursday 17th August from 7pm

A fond farewell to Packers Field as we know it…..


Construction work on Packers Field is due to start on Friday 18th August, marking the end of many generations of free, open access to the site by the local community. Before the fences go up and the public are kicked off, we would like the community to have one last chance to enjoy it as they always have- for fun, for recreation, for socialising… and for free!!! Many people have used and loved this green space over the years, if you are one of them please come along and enjoy yourself. The picnic will start from 7pm (strictly bring your own), and will be a chance to relive old times, meet like-minded people, and also discuss your thoughts and fears about the development. The pro-Packers campaign will not die when the fences go up, and there is still an opportunity to influence the future of the site (see below).

19 arrests at eviction of Belgian occupied forest!

Borsbeek camp 1

At 8am, Wednesday 9th of August, the eviction of the action camp in Borsbeek (near Antwerp in Belgium) started. GroenFront! fears of a violent eviction were correct. The police have refused to accept a security coordinator from the activists, despite the offer of an experienced activist who had offered to be present to prevent the situation from escalating dangerously. Police have also tortured the people out of their lock-ons using pain holds on pressure points.

Birmingham & London social centre events

Forthcoming events at the Cottage Social Centre

The Cottage Social Centre

147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 1SS.

6pm SPANISH workshop.
A non-competitive peer2peer sharing of knowledge and abilities, learning Spanish.

Critical mass and protest to support Camp Titnore on Saturday!

A critical mass cycle ride and a town centre protest are being held on Saturday, August 12, to support Camp Titnore in Worthing, Sussex.

The ten-week old treetop protest camp is under threat of eviction, with an appeal in the High Court currently being prepared.

Brum Social Centre Occupation Seeks to Bring Abandoned Building Back to Community Use

A community and social centre in Sparkbrook, closed and designated for auction by Birmingham city council has been taken over by a local collective, with plans to put it back to community use.

Prior to its abandonment the “Cottage of Content�, as it has come to be called, was used as a local youth group, offered English lessons, adult education and served as a Yemeni cultural centre. However in May 2005, after no public consultation, the city council boarded up the property and declared the building “surplus�.

West Midlands climate camp meeting, 11th August

a second meeting Friday 11th August at The Occupied Social Centre in Sparkbrook at 7.30pm for people interested in coming to climate camp from the West Midlands/Birmingham area.

The address is:
The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre, 147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, B11 1SS

News of New Protest Camp in Westminster

Campaigner Mark Kemp and other homeless folk have recently occupied some land in Victoria. The exact location is given below*. Mark runs the Independent Victims Helpline, and is operating the space for independent victims support, but also, given it's proximity to the Westminster Exclusion Zone, the Department for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Westminster City Council, also for protest and banner making.

rampART news August

Here is a run down of the latest news from Londons rampART social centre. Agust is a bit sparse for events but there is plenty of other news. The building has gone on the market for a start which is significant news. There's also a strong plea for fresh energy and involvement - use it or loss it...