squatting / free spaces / protest sites

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squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Titnore Woods site under imminent eviction

Eviction Aruga!!

URGENT - Eviction
11am, Sunday May 28

An urgent call out for people to go to Titnore Woods - NOW!

rampART social centre: celebrating two years this weekend


this weeked is being celebrated as marking two years of existance for the rampART social centre in London.

The squatted social centre in East London was opened in May 2004 and has been an important part of the radical sub culture of London throughout that time. As it enters it's third year it is facing new challenges and so is have a bit of a party to celebrate the sucesses of the past and to prepare for the future.

Saving Iceland Gathering in SCOTLAND Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th June

For an early start on Saturday...
At Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site

A gathering for activists in Scotland (and elsewhere if you want to travel) to discuss the mobilisation at Karahnjukar this summer. See www.savingiceland.org

Climate Camp - South-West group 30th May

A get-together for anyone wanting to set-up a 'neighbourhood'
At the Camp for Climate Action this Summer (26th Aug - 4th Sept) there will be 'neighbourhoods' - groups that can set up camp together if they wish. If you want to be part of a Bristol and South West group, come along to my place for a first meeting up.

local protest at Nottinghamshire housing development

Woodland flowers 2
Sharp Hill protest 1

today local people showed their opposition to green belt development.

Sharphill woods in west Bridgford Nottingham is scheduled for 1200 houses to be built on the land around them, thanks to the local conservative council, who plan to make a packet out of the deal as does the land owner Mr Wells.

Cornish Minibus to Climate Camp

We are organising a minibus to get people to the Climate Camp from Cornwall.

Details (including costs) are still being sorted out but if you are interested in going to the camp and would like to possibly come on the minibus, please contact me.

CAMP for CLIMATE ACTION organising weekend, Bristol 13/14th May

Climate camp poster

Big Bristol Meeting – Get involved!
Next weekend (Sat 13th & Sun 14th May) will be a big get-together to help plan the Summer Climate Camp. All welcome.

Climate Camp Notts Neighbourhood Planning Meeting, 16th May

Tuesday 16th May, at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Forest Fields, Nottingham. For directions see  http://www.sumac.org.uk

The Camp for Climate Action will be happening from 26th August till 4th September this summer. The government is failing and unable to take real action on climate change, and we can not sit back and see our planet go up in smoke!

Climate Camp - London info/planning night @ the Square, 23 May

*From the London area and thinking of going to the Climate Camp this summer?*
London Rising Tide is hosting an open meeting at 7.30 PM on May 23rd for people who want to find out more about the camp, and discuss the idea of a London neighbourhood or barrio.

1in12 club's 25th anniversary celebrations/ Mayday in Bradford

1 in 12 25th birthday/Mayday

To celebrate Mayday and the 1in12 club's 25th anniversary there are the following series of events.

25th Anniversary Party - Star DJs, cocktails, snacks and maybe even a raffle.... Friday 28th April 9.00 pm

Social Centres - Where To Next?

Invitation to a discussion on the future of social centres.
Sunday April 30th - as part of the London Mayday Weekend
The Square
21 Russell square
London WC1

Social centres are emerging as a pivotal role between political activity and community organising, not only places to engage with radical ideas but essential in providing common resources (café, cinema, gig venue, internet, fundraising opportunities, events, meeting space etc) to groups, individuals & the community at large.

Castlemill boatyard on eviction alert, Oxford

Eviction Aruga!!

castlemill boatyard in Oxford is under URGENT eviction alert. Please see www.portmeadow.org for campagin details and out tat wist list. We shall soon want people on site to helpm resist eviction. Site mobile 07788915545 txt to be put on phone tree.