squatting / free spaces / protest sites

squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Aerial Blockade Halts Enbridge’s Pipeline 6B, USA


10:40 AM

Police had intended to tie life-line off to two backhoes. After some uncertainty, both pieces of equipment drove off without attempting it.

Mayo farmer to face criminal damage charge over Shell protest

File photo of a caravan painted by campaigners from a 2011 protest 26 July 2013 Gerry Bourke – a farmer from Aughoose in County Mayo – is insisting he has no case to answer after being hit with a criminal damage and trespass charge in

Forest occupation in Belgium needs more people!

Since the first of Juli we have occupied a forest in Wilrijk, south of Antwerp in Belgium. It looks like it won’t be a very long occupation, because the owner has already started all the procedures to kick us out and the police stops by at least once a day.

Reclaim the Power! Invite to protest camp

This summer, a wide coalition of people and groups are coming together to Reclaim the Power - join us.

Extra gardai on duty at Shell pipeline after €150,000 damage to machinery

30 June 2013 Extra gardai are on duty in Co Mayo this weekend after violence broke out at a protest against the Shell gas pipeline last Sunday when a security guard had his arm badly injured and €150,000 worth of damage was done to machinery, writes Jim Cusack.

Gardaí frustrated as protests in Mayo continue

30 June 2013 This week has seen large numbers of people continually walking down to Shell's tunneling compound, disrupting work and blocking Shell traffic, and man

Notes from White Castle

29 June 2013
Last night I slept in a warm, soft, bed, my housemates murmuring and playing music a floor below; tonight I lay on the cold, damp, ground a Yew Tree right above me, with cinnamon red bark and a trun

8 years of intense struggle against Shell continues this week in Erris

25 June 2013 The first direct actions of the Erris struggle against Shell took place 8 years ago when 6 locals were injuncted and then 5 of them jailed for refusing to allow Shell onto their lands.  In the 8 years that have passed there have been countless direct actions, dozens of arrests, about two dozen jailings and hundreds of people attacked by Garda or Shell's security company IR

Tasmania Defended: The World Celebrates the Success of Community Action to Protect Forests.

24th June, The decision today by the World Heritage Committee to approve the extension to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is testament to the power of the community, after decades of action to defend these forests.

Shell compound breached, equipment destroyed in 2nd day of action

23 Hune 2013. The second day of the week of action saw an unexpected success when Shell to Sea campaigners managed to breach Shells fortified compound and force security to retreat to the inner compound.