squatting / free spaces / protest sites

squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Shepton Mallet Tesco - Activists Back on Site!


Activists are back on site today and up the trees. They are asking for anyone who can to get there ASAP.
The trees used for the last camp were destroyed after the eviction, but there's around 180 still waiting to be saved.

EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE community space in Hackney is open!

Dalston theatre occupation 8

As of this morning (monday February 27th 2006) a new social centre is open in Dalston lane Hackney. All are welcome especially those with skills or experiance that could be useful to the space

Tesco Shepton Mallet Tree Protest Evicted

Forces of darkness evicted the site at 5am this morning...
No reports of felling yet but waiting for more info.
Nice one to those who were there + who helped the campaign - let's see what happens.


Eviction Aruga!!


Baliffs attempted to evict the site today (saturday) and were only stopped by the police, who apparently had not been informed. People are needed desperately, as eviction could now go ahead tommorow. The perimeter of the site is now guarded by security, so please phone the site phone 07749 110689 if you intend to come (please do!!). Tesco Vs Trees - WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT??

Dalston Theatre occupation - Update Saturday 25th & flyer text

Dalston theatre occupation 7

The occupation of the Labyrinth Theatre and the two buildings opposite is continuing and gaining in strenght. The buildings are being cleared up and getting ready to open to the public as a social centre and a community resource. The theatre itself is still illegaly 'occupied' by workers from Hackeny council's contractors, which intend to demolish it, and it is being defended by an activist that has been on the roof continuously since Monday morning.

Eviction of Tony's Cafe 34 Broadway Market underway now!

Eviction Aruga!!

Urgent - Eviction taking place now!

The occupiers of Tony's Cafe at 34 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 are being evicted. It's 5 a.m. on Thursday 23rd of February. Please come down as soon as you can and show your support for the occupiers!!!

latest news from tesco tree protest in shepton mallet

Shepton Tesco 1


latest news!

just spoke to camp, they need food that will be suitable for up trees, high energy etc incase of seige!.

some fences were put up today to block entrances, one has already vanished!!!

Dalston Theatre occupation - Update Tuesday 21st

Dalston theatre occupation 3
Dalston theatre occupation 4

Activists are still defending the occupation of the Dalston theatre and the two adjacent buildings from eviction.

Dalston Lane Theatre occupation against gentrification

Dalston theatre occupation 2
Dalston theatre occupation 1

Local members of the community occupied the already prepared-for-demolition site, and intend to continue occupying int and turn it into a community and social centre.

Rossport anti-Shell & Statoil solidarity actions (& background article) - Dublin, Nottingham, London, Cork

Shell HQ Dublin blockade 1
Shell HQ Dublin blockade 2


Shell's headquarters in Dublin were blockaded during lunchtime today by bicycles and supporters of Rossport's campaign to prevent a dangerous, high-pressure pipeline being built through their community.

NO M66 10 years on - Manchester exhibition launch

No M66 exhibition poster

NO M66 10 Years On

Exhibition about Anti-Road Campaign North East Manchester (1995-1996)
Wednesday 22nd Feb to Sun 19th March
Launch Event - Thurs 23rd Feb 7pm