squatting / free spaces / protest sites

squatting / free spaces / protest sites

Reclaim Bristol Pool

Bristol baths


Bristol North Swimming Pool has been closed for three months, likely to be sold off to a private developer. On Friday, activists entered the building and are currently occupying it in protest of the loss of public space.

Bradford squats update

squat logo 1


Illegal eviction of Bradford squat, last night police illegally assisted the eviction of a residential squat on Cecil Avenue holding four of the six occupants (all of the people in the building) for over 14 hours before releasing them without charge. The police entered and searched the building through a broken window and the landlord then changed the lock boarding the window behind them. The four men from Poland and Lithuania who spoke little or no English were questioned about other occupants of the building, asked if money had been exchanged and how the house had been entered and the electricity turned on.

people desperately needed for irish protest camp

we really need people from feb 25th 2006 onwards to come to the rossport solidarity camp in co. mayo ireland.

a multi national consortium led by shell plan to build a really dangerous raw high pressure gas pipeline and refinery in a remote and beautiful part of the west of ireland. this experimental pipeline will endanger local people's health and safety aswell as destroying an area of outstanding natural beauty. shell plan to pump raw gas inland through a pipeline which would be only 70m away from some people's homes. they also propose to dump waste from the gas treatment process into a local bay which is a breeding ground for whales and dolphins. this summer 5 local men spent 94 days in prison for preventing shell acess to their land. the rossport solidarity camp was set up on the route of the proposed pipeline at the request of local people. shell are about to start attempting work again and we are setting up a new camp on the beach at the site where the proposed pipeline would meet land.

Dalkeith Protest - Thursday Update

Dalkeith Eviction 5

The occupation of Dalkeith Country Park continues.

No arrests on Thursday!

Thursday 19 January 2006, little was accomplished by the eviction team today. The three who have been in tunnels at Middle Site since Monday still remain. With enough food and supplies to carry them though at least another week underground, spirits remain high that they can seriously delay attempts to feel trees on Middle Site. The eviction team's main success for the day was the eviction of an unoccupied site. It is likely that Friday they will begin work at the Bottom Site, however this is by far the protesters' stronghold and should prove a lengthy eviction process.

Dalkeith Protest - Wednesday Update & Saturday solidarity picnic info

Eviction Aruga!!

18 Jan 2006

Today, the eviction of the middle site at Dalkeith Park - anti-A68 Bypass protests continued. All protesters in the trees were removed today from this site resulting in six more arrests. However, protesters still remain in underground defences.

Dalkeith Treesit Tuesday: Two more Arrested!

dalkeith Eviction 6

17 Jan 2006

Today, the police surrounded Middle site. Middle Site is more heavily established than the previously taken down top site, having quite a few people up in the trees The baliffs arrested two of the protesters, and have promised to continue. Help is needed - come on down to Dalkeith!

Dalkeith eviction target-a-scab list

For over 10 years, UK Evict has been evicting protestors, travellers & the like.
They've done:
Bryn -Henllys Farm on behalf of Celtic Energy
Sella open-cast mine on behalf of Celtic Energy
Honerton Bypass (Fairmile and Trollheim)

Social centres gathering in Leeds, 29 Jan


*Social centres and autonomous spaces in the UK: where next after Gleneagles?*

A call out to all social centre activists and interested people in the UK

Sunday 29 January
The Common Place social centre

Happy 1st Birthday Glasgow Critical Mass, 27th January

Critical Mass graphic 6

The next Critical Mass bike ride is on Friday 27th January, meeting George Square at 5:30.
All people-powered transport welcome. It'll be Glasgow CM's First Birthday and there might even be a cake with candles if people bring it, though we can't guarantee another celebrity guest appearance.

Dalkeith protestors defy eviction, end of Monday update

Dalkeith eviction 1
Dalkeith eviction 2

Protestors are still in the trees and in the protest sites at Dalkeith Country Park. The eviction attempt started Monday 16th early morning, but as of 3pm Monday afternoon three of the four protest sites remain intact. "We urge supporters to come and join us," one of the protestors said. "It's not too late to take a stand against this road madness."

EVICTION STARTED early this morning at Dalkeith Park (Scotland) Protest Sites - can still get down there & help

Eviction Aruga!!


Eviction of the four protest sites in Dalkeith Country Park against the construction of the A68 Bypass and the destruction of the River Esk wildlife corridor began this morning.

Camp for Climate Action announced - dates, website, working groups & January meeting

Stop Climate Chaos

With the government failing and unable to take action on the greatest issue facing our planet, climate chaos, we have to create a grass roots solution

Schinveld eviction latest: anti-NATO activists occupy forest, build tree houses and tunnels


Schinveld tunnel
Eviction Aruga!!

A forest that has to be cut down for NATO-planes, is already for more then a month occupied. AWAC-planes are terrorising the local people for over 25 years. But currently a minority of politicians and police (yes they are a minority) are trying to take over the forest and chop it down.

Derby bus station protest continues, still no work on redevelopment

Derby bus station protesters' tent

Since the site was closed in October 2005 no work has started on the proposed £90m Riverlights project.

Campaigners against the changes have been camping on the roof of one of the bus station buildings to halt demolition work, though the delays are apparently not chiefly because of their action. .