technologies of control

technologies of control (CCTV, ID cards, RFID tags, etc)

Resisting ID - Meet Up of North West Anti-ID Groups, 28th May

Sunday 28th May 12pm till 4pm Manchester

Meetup of Anti-ID groups Northwest

Aims - to build up good contacts between groups in the region, and plan joint actions - to share ideas, tactics & experiences - to talk about ways to build a network of ID refuseniks & how to effectively support them.

Grenoble, France: Actions against nanotechnologies on may 30th - june 2nd

After nuclear energy and GM food,

Are we resigned to be continuously, ubiquitously and shiftily watched on, to have our buying, moving, activities, contacts - the smallest details of our everyday lives - tracked and recorded?

Greece, Athens: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed

Athens burn CCTV

On Friday 17/3/2006, at about 11 in the morning, anarchists comrades burned the operation boxes (cafao) of two police cameras in the Votanikos area of Athens. The first one is situated at the crossroad of Constantinoupoleos St. and Iera Odos, while the second one at the crossroad of Cavala Av. and Sp. Pachi St.


defy id santas

Sunday 20th November 2005 6pm Liverpool City Centre – Christmas Light switch on.
The Santa twins from Liverpool Defy-ID showed their banner and gave out anti-ID leaflets to the public watching the switch on of Liverpool’s Christmas lights. While walking through town the Santa twins were regularly stopped by parents and kiddies asking to speak to the Santa twins.

Technopolis: Unravelling the Net of Technological Domination - Location Announce

Technopolis logo


The machine is all around us, omnipresent and omniscient. It's the camera on the street corner, the chip in your debit card and the number allotted to your child at birth. The machine is without and within. It's in the way we have been trained and domesticated since birth to fit into a mechanical world dictated by capital and the tick, tick, tick of its clock.

Angels Disrupt Nanotech Conference and Present 'Can of Worms' Award to former Monsanto Man.

Nano angels logo
Buckinghamshire, UK, 9th Dec 2004

A host of heavenly angels from THRONG (The Heavenly Righteous Opposed to Nanotech Greed) appeared today unto a nanotechnology business conference in order to bestow a "Can of Worms" Award on a representative of the Nanotechnology Industry. Chosen to receive the award was Mr Harry Swan, formerly of Monsanto, who is Nanotechnology manager of Britain's leading producer of carbon nanotubes, Thomas Swan & Co.

talking CCTV cameras nicked wholesale, in Wakefield!


Thieves broke into Business Homes' new business park in Wakefield last week and stole the 60 cameras and sensors that made up its "state of the art security system".

The theft was particularly embarrassing given that two of the site's occupants are HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and HM Prisons Service.