Defend the trees at Adams Farm! December 21, 2012

HELP NEEDED NOW TO DEFEND THE TREES! Contractors, supported by security and police, have started felling trees today at Adams Farm (TN33 9AY). This is one of the last remaining areas with significant number of large trees on the route of the road.

Stop the tree destruction! December 20, 2012

Copse destroyed near Glover´s FarmCopse destroyed near Glover´s Farm

Update at 10am, Thursday 20 December: Tree defenders are now high in trees just north of Glover’s Farm Bridge TN39 5AJ, in Bexhill. Security present. Any support appreciated!

Evictions and Destruction on the ZAD Airport Protest Site

The ZAD airport protest site in France is still being evicted, a process that started on the 16th October. The zone is gradually being militarised but there are HUGE numbers of protesters and seemingly more every day. We're still fighting and it is not over!


La Zad Re-occupied!

On Saturday, after 3 weeks of evictions, more than 30000 came to re-occupy the ZAD. As soon as the demonstration arrived, 5 pre-assembled structures started to get built: a meeting-room of 80m², a kitchen house, 2 dorms, a toilet and bath block and a workshop.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Yet Another Forest Eviction

We live in the Rohanne Forest. Over the last two years the many people who lived and passed by here built seven high tree houses and a beautiful three storey collective house. On Thursday 19th October the police came with bulldozers and destroyed and removed the house.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Operation Obelix, a menhir in your face, Ayrault!

Story of the assaults and looting of the ZAD - Europe's biggest anti-airport protest camp by the forces of capitalist destruction. Written thanks to the testimony of many friends.

*Le Sabot* -  Tuesday,

ZAD - Reoccupation Demonstration November 17th. (France)

Notre Dame des Landes
Facing the evictions:
Demonstration of reoccupation !

To rebuild - against the airport!

Pitchforks, wooden beams, planks, nails and tools in hand...
Meeting Saturday November 17th in the morning.

Day 7: Update and photos from No Dash for Gas



No Dash for Gas activists have now prevented over 14,500 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted, as the chimney they are occupying had to be shut down

They are saving over 2300 tonnes of CO2 emissions every day