tribal solidarity

tribal & indigenous solidarity

US oil company threatened with eviction from Amazon

30 October 2009

Indigenous people have threatened to evict a US company, Hunt Oil, exploring for oil on their ancestral land in the Peruvian Amazon.

Amazon mega-dams stoke new wave of Indian protests

Kayapó Indians are to hold a protest against a huge hydro-electric dam planned for Brazil’s Xingu River, one of the Amazon’s main tributaries.

517 years of resistance: Global mobilisation for Mother Earth, Monday 12 October


12th October is an international day of protest in solidarity with indigenous people and against global warming - a "Global mobilisation for Mother Earth"

Reclaim the Earth Centre at Doncaster - People needed for planned occupation

The Earth Centre in Doncaster has been left to ruin for 5 years. We intend to take it back. This site now owned by the council was developed to be a sustainable living education centre and community farm. It is currently being used as a firing range by weapon enthusiasts Cerberus Airsoft.

Penan tribe arrested outside government offices in Borneo

16 September 2009
The arrested indigenous people and activists have been released on bail and charged with illegal assembly. The group, who number 15 people, are due to appear in court on 29 September. They maintain that they have committed no crime. Survival has written to the Malaysian government expressing its concern over the arrests.


Tobique First Nation blockade enters third month

This past June, the Tobique First Nation set up a roadblock on the highway leading to the Mactaquac hydro dam in south central New Brunswick., reviving a struggle for power–hydro power– that goes back to the mid 1800s. The Newly-founded N.B. Media Co-op reports.

Sleeping by the ashes of Vedic Village

There is somewhat of a mystery surrounding “the ashes of Vedic village”—what remains of the upscale five star tourist resort near Kolkata, West Bengal, after it was set ablaze on August 23.