'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Stop the Tennessee Pipeline. 26th Feb

Gifford Pinchot, the Pennsylvania tree-sitter that is blockading the route of the Tennessee Pipeline from logging, stays strong and gives us this update from the trees:

Riot Police Attack Communities Protesting Oil Exploitation in Colombia

After two weeks of peaceful protesting against oil exploitation in Arauca, on February 12 that department’s social organizations began a strike announced a few days earlier as a response to the repeated broken promises by the national government and transnational companies.

EDF suing climate activists for £5 million - protesters face losing homes Wed 20th

EDF suing climate activists for £5million

Evidence of police/corporate collusion as police serve legal papers on activists on behalf of EDF, and hand over personal data

Statement from No Dash for Gas on today's court appearance 20th Feb

Today, 21 No Dash for Gas activists appeared in court, to face charges of aggravated trespass following the week-long occupation of EDF's West Burton power station last October/November. All 21 chose to plead guilty, because they felt their time will be better spent campaigning against the government's insane dash for gas, rather than being tied up in a protracted court case.

Blockade at Fracking Waste Storage Facility

This morning 19th Feb, protesters blockaded a Fracking Waste Storage Facility in New Matamoras, OH. Truck traffic to the facility was disrupted for 2.5 hours. As of this posting, a monopod is still in place on the site.

“Cancel Keystone Pipeline:” Largest Climate Protest in U.S. History

Between 35,000 and 50,000 people rallied in Washington, DC on Sunday, Feb 17th in the largest global warming protest in U.S. history. The primary demand: ditch the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Just another manic monday.

Glengad compound invaded and work stopped for over 3 hours. Traffic control out of control.

Protesters continue to frustrate Shell's work 17th Feb

trucks blockedThis last week has been another week of resistance to Shell controversial pipeline, with numerous truck blockades and disruption to workers

Tasmanian Activists Challenge Mining in The Tarkine

Two female activists from environmental direct action group Groundswell have taken peaceful action to highlight the detrimental impacts that mining in the Tarkine will have on healthy devil pop

48 arrested in historic act of civil disobedience to stop Keystone XL pipeline


Shell to Sea campaigner jailed for 3 months. 14th Feb

Ms Ní Ghraidm pleaded guilty to a Section 8 and 9 charge and refused to do community service as she felt her protest was a service to a community under siege from Shell. The Judge then sentenced Ms Ní Ghraidm to 3 months in jail.

Indigenous resistance forces Malaysia to scale back twelve dam megaproject

A Malaysian state minister Friday said the government would not push ahead with building a dozen new dams on Borneo island, acknowledging they have caused outrage from local tribes and environmentalists.

Shell - Idiots at work

Having only just started working on the controversial tunnel, Shell's engineers are already facing significant problems.

As local people always predicted, the doib, an unusual blue/grey mineral soil found under peat bog, is causing issues.

Alexandra Park: Tree felling resumes at protest site, 8th Feb

Alexandra Park: Tree felling resumes at protest site
Tree felling in Alexandra Park, Whalley Range Manchester City Council said it would not be deflected from its plans