'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Saving Iceland gathering 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk


It's time to organise the 2006 camp!

The next Saving Iceland gathering will take place over the weekend of the 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk, UK . It'll be a great time to find out more and to meet some of the (lovely) people involved with the campaign, as well as to help discuss what this Summer's protest camp will look like.

No M1 widening visit Kegworth

Kid with gas mask in pram


The Highways Agency circus was in Kegworth this Saturday making its penultimate exhibition to sell the M1 widening project to residents. This expensive road show should not be confused with any sort of public consultation for although the word is used in their literature, the public have no say in the Government’s decision to waste £3billion of tax payers money on increasing CO2 production in the UK.


Plane Stupid logo

PRESS RELEASE: 3rd April 2006
For immediate release

~ BAA now in “premier league of climate change criminals�

9th April B&K animal breeders Demo Venue Change!

See  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2006/03/336477.html for more info on B&K Universal.


Conditions worse than those on the new Oxford Injunction have been imposed by the corrupt local police force at lab animal breeders Bantin & Kingman Universal for the 9th April demo. They are as follows, which are a desperate attempt to quash legal protest

Sabotage for Packer's Field, Bristol

Artificial turf & CCTV cameras trashed in opposition to Packer's Field proposed development, Bristol.

moving along from passive resistance into the grounds of the city academy, russell town ave

Shepton Mallet Climbing Baliff firm based in Bristol

They can climb, but they can't hide!

During the Shepton Mallet Eviction, climbing baliffs were used to get a number of people down from the trees.

M1 Widening? Multi occupational bridges!

No M1 M-way bridge banner 2
No M1 M-way bridge banner 1


A small dedicated (hard core!) group of Sheffield (www.nowideningm1.org.uk) hit 3 Motor way bridges between junctions 30 and 32 of the M1 early this morning. Just letting A. certain Darling and the usual press entourage know we are just beginning our campaign of action. Watch this lane for more battles!


Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction

report 1:
Shepton Mallet anti-Tesco's protest site has just been evicted after a six hour tree top struggle.

Around fifty bailiffs backed by forty police arrived at 6am at the site. Unlike the last eviction this time protesters were determined to make a stand. Fifteen activists locked on in the trees and a net as bailiff climbers attempted to evict them.

Shepton Mallet 2nd eviction coming!!!!

Eviction Aruga!!


The second Shepton Mallet, anti tescos, anti corperations, pro trees protest site is still going strong! But the word about town is the eviction will take place if not Tuesday 14th then definatly Wednesday 15th. We need people!!!!!!!

Youth Against Heavy Industry invade offices of Icelandic National Power Compnay

Landsvirkjun action

The Reykjavík offices of the much loathed Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic National Power Company, were gatecrashed yesterday by over thirty angry young people who banged drums, shouted and blew whistles in defiance against Landsvirkjun, heavy industry and ecocidal dams in the Icelandic highlands.

Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill campaigners hand in petition & banner drop

NAIL petition handing in 1


It is expected the Council will make a decision regarding the proposed expansion of Eastcroft incinerator later this month. On Monday (6th March) people from the Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill (NAIL) campaign handed over 3019 signatures to councillors at the Council House, Market Square at 12.30 - 1pm. Many came in support, to show that people in Nottingham prefer clean air and recycling to waste turned into pollution.

Shepton Mallet Tesco Protest Day of Action

Shepton Mallet Day of Action 1

Let’s Go! - Alfresco Tesco Fiasco

Activists from the Shepton Mallet anti-Tescos protest site obstructed the felling of an ancient beech tree today, Saturday 4th March. Over 20 police were called in to secure the area.

Shepton Mallet Tesco - Activists Back on Site!


Activists are back on site today and up the trees. They are asking for anyone who can to get there ASAP.
The trees used for the last camp were destroyed after the eviction, but there's around 180 still waiting to be saved.