West Midlands

West Midlands

CLIMATE ACTION NEWS SHEET 85, December/January 2008/2009


1. Camp for Climate Action Gathering, 31.01.09-01.02.09
2. Earth First! Winter Moot, 6-8.02.09
3. Mobilising for the COP, 13-15.03.09
4. Do It Yourself! Course, 22-27.03.09
5. Fossil Fools Day 2009, 01.04.09
6. Coal Caravan, April 2009

Social Justice Centre, Birmingham

The Justice not Crisis, Social Justice Centre is preparing a programe of activities for the New Year including a Bingo Night, a Freeshop, Coffee Morning, and drop in Advice service where people will be on hand to give advice on Housing Applications, benefits, and much more.... Come along and get involved.....


A new social centre is developing near Birmingham City Centre. Please come and get involved.

JUSTICE NOT CRISIS have moved on from their squatted Cllr John Lines homeless village, http://earthfirst.org.uk/actionreports/node/21744
into the Firebird pub, on the local Benmore estate.

A report from the No Borders network gathering

A report from No Borders gathering in Newcastle

On 9 & 10 November a gathering of No Borders activists was held in Newcastle with groups and individuals from Brighton, Bristol, South Wales, London, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow taking part. Altogether, about 50-60 people attended.

Remember remember, action security in November... [update: Observer article withdrawn]

Remember to think about security when planning actions & campaigns, every month - there's been a helpful reminder in a Sunday newspaper that our aims and the aims of the state are somewhat different!

Though the article can be taken to be a police unit safeguarding their ongoing budgets and employment - as has happened in the past with similar scare articles (from the police & the security services) - it's also a handy reminder of the security issues we should think about to ensure that our campaigning remains effective. Check out the background dirt on the journos below...

Climate Change Activists Occupy EONs Coventry Headquarters

Monday November 10th saw a noisy, 45 minutes long, office occupation and an attempted banner drop at EONs headquarters in Coventry in protest against plans to build Kingsnorth coal fired power station. Four activists were arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass.

Councillor John Lines’ Homeless Village in Birmingham + update

Birmingham homeless land squat 1Birmingham homeless land squat 25.11.2008
A protest camp named after Councillor John Lines who’s responsible for the city’s housing, was established last Thursday on derelict land owned by Birmingham City Council. Cllr. Lines has denied there is a homeless problem in Birmingham and also denies there is money available to build new ‘social housing’. The occupied land has been unused for around seven years whilst there are over 30,000 people in the city waiting for housing.


1) RBS, E.ON and Shell university recruitment tours, Oct/Nov 08
2) Climate Camp National Gathering, Bradford, 8/9.11.08
3) Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa, 10.11.08
4) Shared Planet Conference, Birmingham, 21-23.11.08
5) 48 hours of action against E.On and new coal, 28/29.11.08
6) Buy Nothing Day, 29.11.08

Dongria Kohnd mass protest - Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton Councils Revealed as Vedanta Investors

Tribe dances in mass protest against British mining company
21 October 2008

Hundreds of members of the Dongria Kondh tribe danced and sang through the capital of the Indian state of Orissa on Monday, armed with traditional weapons, to mark their opposition to British company Vedanta’s plans to mine their sacred mountain.

UK free-spaces news - Rampart & Worcester possible evictions

Eviction Aruga!!New social centre under threat of illegal & possibly violent eviction tomorrow
This is to inform everyone as well as a call-out for support - newly occupied community and arts centre in Worcester threatened with illegal and possibly violent eviction tomorrow.

World Anti Mcdonalds Day

McDonalds World Food Day protest CambridgeMcCruelty: “We’re not lov’in it” – Cambridge