Yorkshire & the Humber

Yorkshire & the Humber

Bradford Shell Garage gets Samba'd


Just before 5:30pm tonight, amid rush-hour traffic, a group of protesters lined up outside a city centre shell garage to play samba and alert passers by to the situation in County Mayo, Ireland.

Shell petrol pumps shut down in Leeds in solidarity with County Mayo, Ireland

A Shell petrol station on Kirkstall Rd in Leeds was shut down this morning between 8am and 10am by local people in solidarity with people in in County Mayo, Ireland, who are currently fighting to stop Shell's disastrous and potentially deadly gas pipeline being built through the beautiful coastal village of Rossport.

Faslane 365: Sheffield and North Derbyshire action


Thursday, 5th October.

The Faslane main gate was different for a day. Relentless gray fencing and razor wire were enlivened by rainbow peace flags, streams of Tibetan prayer flags, banners for life, huge drawings celebrating the people of the peace movement, ribbons woven into the fence, a flame symbolising the transformation of the fires of Hiroshima into peaceful energy, hornpipes, jigs, reels, dancing and games, fiddle, whistle, saxophone and drums, transformed clown sailors and furry animals.

national anti incinerator gathering coming up, 28 October

To bring together anti-incineration groups from all over England and Wales to get inspiration for their own campaigning, hear what some authorities are doing that are trying not to go down the mass burn incineration route and to discuss how the network of groups can best be supported.

Personal Experience of the Climate Change Camp

The article gives impressions of what the climate change camp was like as a performer, workshop leader, and participant of workshops.

My Experience at the Climate Change Camp near the DRAX Power Station

Feedback from the Green Spirituality Workshop at the Drax Climate Change Camp

There were 26 participants in a Green Spirituality Workshop which discussed spiritual answers to the coming climate change crisis.

Feedback on the Green Spirituality Workshop Held at the Climate Change Camp August 2006.

York Eco Action created

Announcing a new network for those in the York area to co-ordinate environmental action.

Following a meeting on 7th September as a followup to the Camp for Climate Action, a group of campaigners, students, anarchists and greens based in and around York agreed to create a network for environmental action within the city and its surrounding areas. The aims of this are firstly, to help co-ordinate existing campaigning being done by small and disparate groups as is, and secondly, to facilitate and encourage further action.

Climate Camp site restored to how it was found

The last climate campers left site on wednesday after much hard work restoring the site to its original state. The landowner rang on thursday to teel the the campers he was happy with the clean-up operation.

national climate camp follow-up meeting: evaluate, celebrate & plan 'what next?' - 14/15th October, Manchester

Drax the Destroyer
^Drax the Destroyer

There will be a meeting in Manchester on October 14 and 15 to reflect on how the Climate Camp went, and to talk about what we would like to do next. Everyone is welcome to come. There'll be a celebration, so aim to stick around for Monday if you can. For more information email facilitation[at]climatecamp.org.uk, subscribe to the announcements list, or see the meeting link above nearer the time.

(Some) Workshops at the Camp for Climate Action

The recent Camp for Climate Action in Yorkshire got headlines for its audacious attempt to shut down the UK's most polluting coal-fired power station, Drax, but it also featured a packed programme of workshops.

City harvest workshop at climate camp

A summary of the workshop "City Harvests- eat away at those food miles" at the camp for climate action.

city harvest mindmap

mindmap: some advantages of growing your own food

Climate Camp follow up meeting @ Common Place, 10 Sept

After such an intense & out-of-the-ordinary week a few people thought it
would be good to meet-up to talk about our experiences at the climate
camp. So, if anybody fancies an informal chat who was involved in whatever aspect of the camp, see you there, 8 pm Sunday 10 Sept, at the commonplace.

Climate camp followup meeting // 7th September // Friends Meeting House, York

This summer saw ecological action take centre stage in the country's media for a brief moment, as hundreds of campaigners converged in Selby to camp in the shadow of Drax power station, largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK. Groups and individuals from across the UK and beyond defied mass police presence and a legal injunction to make their presence felt outside (and, for some, inside) a target which for many represents the failings of the current system of energy production.