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Climate Change and 21st Century Border Controls- Technopolitics of exclusion

Audio Interview of the Workshop leader - Run by an internationally recognised authority on the subject, the workshop covers current military plans to build new immobilising and paralysing technologies for border control and for targeting large crowds. The talk explores the generation of this technology as well as the challenge of developing non-violent countermeasures.....

climate camp - this is the future


double-decker tripod 2

This place is amazing and I think it will go down in history. We are all working together and learning new ways of living which will be essential for our future without oil.

Workshop on Nuclear Power - main messages

A Radio report of information in a Workshop at the Climate Camp in Selby.

Audio faslane 365 interview - mp3 7.5M

Faslane 365 was the focus of the workshop. Here's an interview with Adam and below theres a summary of the campaign

Climate Camp Kids Walk to Drax Power Station - Pics and Report


Cops n kids at Drax

At around 2:45 today aproximatly 30 people, in a group consisting of children and parents left the climate camp for a stroll through the country side towards Drax Power Station.

Police harass climate camp

The police presence outside the Camp for Climate Action ( http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/) has been slowly building, with constant pressure for them to be allowed entry. This came to a head early this afternoon when they threatened to enter forcibly.

section 60 at climate camp

Have just discussed with someone present at the camp... it appears that the police have initiated a section 60 in the area surrounding the Climate Camp, however there is not a huge police presence around the camp, it is merely being used as an additional measure to stop and search people - much like the Section 60s that have been imposed on previous mayday protests in London.

Drax: Local concerns, local knowledge

There is no shortage of local interest in the "Climate Camp" a direct action and educational protest camp.

Today, Sunday August 27th, there has been a steady stream of visitors (mainly residents) from the localities around Drax, coming along to share local stories and experience of living in the shadow of the power stations.

Climate Camp Sunday Pictures + Info

Pics from sunday afternoon and evening at the climate camp - also see Monday's Press Release from the camp - The mass day of action to shut down drax power station is on thursday, so there's plenty of time to get yourself down to the camp, which runs for another week until sunday / monday.

Camp for Climate Action welcomes you. location, directions & latest

Climate camp double-decker tripod
climate camp set-up site kitchen

More than 100 climate activist spent all Wednesday night secretly erecting a two-storey tripod (to resist any potential eviction) and marquees in the shadow of Drax power station. In the event, it was hours before the police arrived. The situation with the police is calm. Help is needed to realise the full potential of the first camp for climate action.

Squatters under siege in Bradford

22.08.2006 15:59

9 Marlborough road, Manningham, Bradford
Under siege

Today a number of people that have squatted a house on Marlborough Road, Manningham are being held illegally under house arrest by a number of police. Anyone leaving the building is being arrested for criminal damage.

bicycology cycle ride sets off for lancaster

Bicycology 1
Bicycology 2
Bicycology 3

about a dozen cyclists, including a sound system and solar-powered mini-cinema met at the finsbury park festival in north london this afternoon to start their ride up to lancaster and the camp for climate action.