‘ecological direct action & radical resistance in Manchester since 1991’

get involvedcontact us, or come to the weekly activist/autonomist socials, currently at the Sandbar, Grosvenor Street (opposite All Saints Park on Oxford Road) on Tuesdays at 7:30pm

what is Manchester EF!?
the leaflet - read or download *
the poster - read or download *

about what's happening locally - Manchester Indymedia
about what's happened & upcoming dates in Manchester - the (currently sleeping) Loombreaker & the Networking Newsletter
the national quarterly Earth First! Action Update and the Earth First! Action Reports website

current campaigns:
climate chaos - roads, oil and airports
genetics & nanotechnology

and a few of the not-so-current:
Baku Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline
South Pacific Solidarity
Stop Bayer (anti-genetics campaign)
and whatever else anyone brings to a meeting...

a few resources:
Guide to Public Order Situations - read or download *
Earth First! font (zipped file)

links to loads of useful web-based resources:
Blatant Incitement Project (BLINC): actions, legal & campaigning

links to other friends in Manchester:
Manchester neighbourhood of the Camp for Climate Action
Clearer Channel - "an online video project which encourages viewers to download and transmit video for social change"
Do Summat - "reclaim our city from corporate and government control"
Kickstart - used to squat social centres/cafes from time to time; before that was the OKasional cafe
Manchester Radical Bookfair - usually twice a year
Manchester Critical Mass - 6pm, Central Library, every last Friday of the month
nATo - "a collective resurgence of radical art"
Rhythms of Resistance Manchester - radical samba band
The Basement (of 24 Lever Street), near Piccadilly Gardens - Manchester's radical social centre - currently closed due to fire
UHC - "an art collective that wants to raise the standard of design in politics and the amount of politics in design"
Under the Pavement - "explosive radio": alternative show, every other Monday
and many other groups linked from Future Manchester

"The general principles behind Earth First! are non-hierarchical organisation and the use of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants. EF! is not a cohesive group or campaign, but a convenient banner for people who share similar philosophies to work under."

* printable downloads require Adobe Acrobat

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