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A pipeline is being built through Turkey and its neighbours - so what's this got to do with me?

The Baku-Ceyhan pipeline will bring us more oil - equal to 150% of the the pollution produced by all vehicles in the UK each year, and 250% of the CO2 pollution that we've said we'd cut under the Kyoto climate change agreement.

Directed by US foreign policy - built by BP - bankrolled by us. The British government is giving BP £65 million of our tax money. Without this money, the pipeline cannot exist.
Over the next 50 years, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey will be the oil industry's next “zone of sacrifice”....if all goes to plan:

Human Rights
The area around the pipeline will be run under special 'BP law'. In other places such as Nigeria and Colombia, this has meant killings and 'disappearances' by brutal paramilitaries, paid for by the host countries and us, through public money and BP tax dodges & corruption, plus opportunities for the UK to sell more arms.

The pipeline passes through war zones. It will trash or result in the eviction of Kurdish villages & farm land already under violent assault by the Turkish state.

Local Impact
Local people have had no say. The host countries will receive little benefit. BP would have no social or environmental responsibility eg. for leaks - the pipelines are planned to run through earthquake zones. Oil will be spilt by tankers and washed up on our shores. National parks and huge mineral water sources will be sacrificed. Local and EU laws and protection, both current and future, will be bypassed. All this with our cash.

BP has made its name through greenwash and scamming public money here and in other Western countries, through paying for death squads in Colombia, ensuring West Papua is Indonesia's next brutal 'East Timor' and all-round long-term murder of people & planet.

Because this is not an isolated case, because it is not just BP..
There is no future and no sense in the oil industry. It cannot be reformed - for the sake of all our tomorrows, it has to be confronted today.

read or download * the 2-sided A4 activist's briefing

download * the 2-sided A5 leaflet (pretty much as above)

past Manchester-area direct action:

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(for news of direct actions elsewhere in Britain, check out Rising Tide)

what you can do:
- in Manchester, contact us to get involved in the campaign and actions.
Read the Networking Newsletter or Manchester Indymedia for reports of actions & events

- nationally, contact your local EF!or Rising Tide group, or set up your own group: if you need help with that, contact the Blatant Incitement Project.
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future targets:
Greasy Palms list of UK-based companies involved (& UK addresses): updated

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