Dear employee,

Do not be alarmed. This occupation is a legal, peaceful protest. You are in no danger and property will not be damaged. Have a break, make a cuppa, relax.

We are here because we want to highlight the devastating effect on people's lives and the environment that your company is contributing to through its involvement in the proposed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline. We believe that RSK has failed to carry out a fair Environmental and Social Impact Assesment in Azerbaijan. We believe your company has failed the people of this country that has already suffered much in terms of human rights abuses and environmental destruction. We believe that your company is a PR company for multinational corporations such as BP. You exist to cover up, distort, and hide the devastation that companies like BP cause. We would like you to consider the moral and ethical implications of your involvement with this company.

Unless we take direct action against companies like BP and RSK, the whole of humanity may be threatened by climate chaos. Surely the future of our beautiful planet is more important than your job.

Have a break on us.