“You can be sure of $hell” to have only one interest - money - making profits from whoever and whatever they can.

What's wrong with $hell?

Although guilty of environmental damage throughout the world, $hell is infamous for its exploitation of the oil-rich Niger Delta. Fertile land has been destroyed, oil spills and pipelines have polluted rivers and respiratory diseases have increased. The Ogoni people who live there organised themselves peacefully and virtually forced $hell out of Ogoniland in 1993.
$hell makes over $300 million from Nigeria, & takes most of it out of the country. While these huge oil deals benefit the corrupt regime, the Nigerian people in the region remain among the poorest in Africa.
On the 10th November 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni activists were murdered by the Nigerian military dictatorship. Their only crime was to speak out against $hell’s exploitation and environmental destruction of the Niger Delta, the homeland of the Ogoni and other peoples.
After a secret meeting between $hell and the Nigerian Head of Internal Security, which called for “ruthless military operations”, dozens of villages were destroyed, thousands of people massacred, tens of thousands fleeing for their lives, and key activists arrested, and later hung.
$hell has admitted it supplied arms to the Nigerian regime to suppress the Ogoni and other people’s peaceful protest; they also have roles within the administration. Since 1997 people have at times occupied oil flow stations, cutting oil output by a third.
The abuse of human rights continues, with $hell fully involved both in suppressing union rights, and bank-rolling the regime, in return for its destructive operations continuing without hindrance from local people.
• Boycott $hell, and tell them what you think of their bloody activities
• Try and use sustainable alternatives to cars. It’s not just $hell - all oil companies commit atrocities in their drive for profits, in many parts of the world. .
All that is being demanded in the Niger Delta is freedom from pollution, freedom from repression, and the right to self-determination. Workers & local people can and do organise together to fight for their rights & dignity. Campaigns are springing up everywhere. Together we can stand up to multinationals like $hell.

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